People Are Sharing Unacceptably Bad Roads In Their Countries

Bad road conditions can cause many accidents and injuries. If your local has a smooth road without any hole or crack, you and your neighbors are so lucky.
Since a Twitter account has shared a photo of a bad road in Britain that has been patched up, many people respond to share their countries’ ones. And it turns out that the said bad road in the original tweet was not that bad. There are numerous roads that are much more horrible, testing your driving skills and anticipation. Some look like it’s a dangerous game traveling on such roadways.
Take a look at the list below to see some of the worst roads shared by people all over the world.

#1. It's not potholes, it's Braille


#2. Kenya. They say only drunk drivers drive in a straight line.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesManFelo74

#3. In Portland, Oregon, we fix potholes organically.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesGrannyLinda17

#4. Welcome to Minnesota. Where things freeze. And thaw. And give up. Photo by Derek Montgomery.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriesodhran25

#5. Meanwhile in South Africa.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesMichaelBucwa

#6. You’ve not seen Uganda potholes.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesKeem961

#7. This is Akute in Ogun State Nigeria. Levels

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countrieslollypeezle

#8. In Florida, we don’t bother with baby potholes. Ours are full-fledged van-eating sink holes.


#9. *Laughs in Russian roads* At least, yours have patches, mate.


#10. Only in Britain would a road look like this.


#11. Meanwhile here in India.


#12. Mickey? (Ghana)


#13. This beauty is in Jackson, MS. Been there a little while….

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriescatlawfin

#14. *Laughs in Jakarta, Indonesia roads*

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriesambassad0rzz

#15. A LOT of patchwork!

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriesanimal_mayhem

#16. Greetings from Pure Michigan. Officer Clark of the Grand Blanc Township Police Department, who stands at six feet five inches, stood inside a culvert washout in the middle of McWain Road to show how bad the road is.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesPerlsgirl1

#17. Get ready to be launched into space if you drive on certain roads in Belgium during the summer.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriesscruffy65

#18. This is the main road (highway) between Kandahar (2nd biggest city) and Kabul (Capital) in Afghanistan.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In Countriestawfiqkarimi

#19. In Argentina, we celebrate our pothole’s birthdays.

Unacceptably Bad Roads In CountriesVadraSebastian

#20. In Pakistan where road flooding is common, this is how it’s reported on TV.


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