23 Wholesome Moments That Are Perfect For Starting The Week With A Big Ol' Smile

A new day can always bring new challenges. That’s why it is important to charge yourself with tons of positive energy right at the very beginning of the day. Whether it is looking at our pets or children doing something incredibly silly and fun, taking in wholesome moments will put us in a better mood and remind us life isn't all bad. So prepare to have your heart warmed by watching the moments when everyone captured the bonds that form within families, communities, and animals with each other!
Down below are 23 pictures that will give you an extra reason to smile more often. Let's take a look! Also, we hope these wholesome moments will inspire you to share your own experiences too. So please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

#1. That feeling when you wake up from a two-hour nap with absolutely no idea where you're at, and then a bottle appears:

Source: FistfulofBeard

#2. "We couldn’t find my babies pacifier turns out My friends baby found it."

Source: KILA-x-L3GEND

#3. "Today I babysat my son for the first time while his mother was out."

Source: AFistFulOfRupees

#4. "This fool has been ruining our Halloween decorations nonstop for 2 days. I give up."

Source: damonb1971

#5. Heeeelp meeeee

Source: osogood

#6. "I’ve been that drunk before..."

Source: snafuxd

#7. Do you think this is funny?

Source: boyroid

#8. Uber-parent LUX, riding in style:

Source: ezgoericc

#9. There is no greater demonstration of trust than to show a stranger whence your darkness flows...

Source: devofatherofchar

#10. "Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and.."

Source: Rick1771

#11. "My son was shocked when he saw me with a wig"

Source: Rommitopi

#12. Congrats Jenny!

Source: kalvinoz

#13. But is she excited or scared that her baby turned into a cat?

Source: memeboimanperson

#14. "My spoon is too big."

Source: PurelyForLolla

#15. Meowzinum power.

Source: PoonSwoggle

#16. Derp mode activated.

Source: goodluckdontdie

#17. "Oh, now I know what that is for."

Source: mrthree1zero

#18. "Our daughter flawlessly recreated our 30-year-old senior photos"

Source: kirday

#19. "I guess divorce parties are a thing now?"

Source: couch_cushion_dorito

#20. Eyeing his next victim:

Source: RemarkableRyan

#21. "I thought I lost $350 and then three months later I found it in my four-year-olds room"

Finders keepers

Source: Bigmacleafs14

#22. Grandma got an Apple watch but still insistent on sporting the Rolex:

Source: Homebarcocktails

#23. Couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t put my shoes on. It’s cause my 6-year-old pulled a great prank.

Source: GavinWakeUpCall

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