23 Trashy Pictures That Make You Wonder Why Some People Just Do Gross Things

We have to say that, every individual you encounter in life will have a purpose. Everyone will play a part in your existence; some individuals are destined to stay and some people are going to leave. Some, for instance, will teach you on how to act or treat others appropriately. Just like folks in the collection of 23 trashy pictures below, they will assist you in determining what you should or should not do with other people.
There are many types of people in life. However, some people just tend to do gross things which cause others to feel uncomfortable. The r/trashy subreddit is dedicated to "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic, and downright trashy, low-class, no-class, white trash, bimbos, and damn proud." What are some of the grossest things you've spotted other people do? Please, let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. Filthy shoes on the train seat, blasting Netflix on full volume and of course, vaping…

Source: PmMeYourPasswordPlz

#2. At 10am no less...

Source: aTastyJam

#3. Children are pure

Source: chingchong999

#4. Not what I needed to see on my walk home

Source: theuver

#5. Found in rural SC

Source: cellocaster

#6. Couple gets married in convince store

Source: RedSynisters_Wife

#7. Someone came through the target and stole all the boards out of the tech deck boxes

Source: ComparisonMundane744

#8. I guess your ear is the next best place

Source: 100MorePushups

#9. I guess ill just come back later then...

Source: ZestyMarshmellow

#10. P*ssy connoisseur

Source: colormecryptic


Source: druebleam

#12. Saw this stick figure at McDonald's yesterday

Source: ChuklzDaJ

#13. I mean c’mon, it’s not even well done

Source: Hahastupid

#14. Update on the angry neighbor that puts out signs berating the guy next door. New signs are out and this time he is threatening a lawsuit… and called the guy “numbnuts”

Source: Solarpanels46853

#15. Florida man

Trashy picturesSource: Kalithius

#16. Older brother's room FINALLY seen after selling the house

Trashy picturesSource: feisty_peach_

#17. A little sharpie art!

Trashy picturesSource: TheCamiloCano

#18. Business bro from college got this tattoo in 2016

Trashy picturesSource: mamajuana4

#19. The lady next to me on the plane spilled her whole drink, got up, and moved over to one seat. She just left all the ice on the floor and kicked her empty food carton under. That’s insanely gross, right?

Trashy picturesSource: BanannaKarenina

#20. Everyone doesn't get a great mom

Trashy picturesSource: Straasil1549

#21. So you then took a selfie?

Trashy picturesSource: Nikeswooshmaster

#22. It's fine, no one is walking there

Trashy picturesSource: GottaBeeKitten

#23. Found this in my gym

Trashy picturesSource: wildreab

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