23 Times People Used Fake Pictures And Fooled No One Online

Social media is an unreal world where users can keep in touch with friends and family, connect with people across the globe, and also create illusions about themselves and the experiences they have had, and their luxurious lives. Because some people believe that other users can't check whether the information they share is real or not, much of the content on social media platforms is fake to some degree, from over-photoshopped photos to selfie pictures with filters applied.
Below are 23 pictures of amateur liars who posted fake pictures on the Internet to fool others, but totally failed. Scroll down below to find out why they failed. We are sure that you will roll on the floor laughing while watching them. If you are still thirsty for more photoshop fails, check out 30 Of The Cringiest Photoshop Fails That'll Make You Want To Keep Your Eyes Closed.

#1. Guys, I found my first one in the wild!

Source: DrewChrist87

#2. Found this one in the wild

Source: unknown / reddit

#3. Found in another sub...

Source: suchaprettysoul

#4. Insta vs. Morning show

Source: mrzltn

#5. One from LinkedIn, terrifying

Source: Come_back_zinc_14

#6. Abusing the perspective tool gave her a terrible side effect

Source: AwarAddendum

#7. Found this random IG model and I'm genuinely terrified

Source: Crazy_Slice

#8. I am afraid

Source: cricketchubs

#9. Girl is ur hand okay?

Source: ClindamycinPeanuts

#10. Found a good one

Source: thecreat0r

#11. Errrrr...That’s not how legs work!?

Source: gdcurl

#12. That’s a nice conveniently blurred background and bendy road you got there

Source: babysaints

#13. Found on an Amazon headband review, genuinely terrified me

Source: FrecklePeach

#14. Sis is like 80% leg

Source: chin_chins_waifu

#15. Finally found one in the wild! What she posted vs what the clinician posted

Source: kingsocks

#16. Looks like he does extra leg days

Source: hihi_1819

#17. Found on twitter... all the replies are girls saying they wish they looked like her

Source: Iyndonbainesjohnson

#18. His face never changes in any photo. It’s the same smooth face every time. Found in the wild

Source: MotherofPorgs

#19. Found on Amazon reviews

Source: twittlez

#20. I've found my first blurry disaster. Unreal to think that she actually posted this. And didn't delete it

Source: thelionmermaid

#21. Found one in the wild - I am flabbergasted

Source: chantoi

#22. Finally spotted one in the wild on tinder

Source: B4dBr4ins

#23. Finally found one too egregious to not post...

Source: Slicedbread_

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