23 Times Parents Hilariously Showed Their Struggles In Raising Kids On Twitter

Let's be honest! If we wait until we are fully ready to have kids, many of us may never become parents. Why? It's because there are a lot of things we thought we could deal with as parents, but the result is so different. You will soon realize that your preparations for parenthood are not enough as you actually have a milk goblin of your own.
Kids are curious about the world around them and they always come up with new and unexpected ideas. As parents, you have to be always prepared for what's next in your life because you never know what your little one is going to do or say next. Although being a mom or dad is a tough journey, it's never boring. Many parents out there have found joy and humor in their experiences, and they can probably tell you that their days with kids are hardly ever dull days.
You can make your day with your children more enjoyable by singing a silly song together or having a competition to decide who can pick up the most toys in a certain amount of time. There are so many interesting moments while spending time with kids that parents can’t help but share their joys and struggles with us on Twitter.
We don’t know about you, but these parenting tweets about the kids below will help to prepare us for what we will face better than any expert advice in those parenting books we read. So go ahead and have a good laugh!

#1 All the time

Source: mommajessiec

#2 And no takesies backsies!!!

Source: dadmann_walking

#3 The worst ways to be woken up

Source: sarabellab123

#4 Still better than silence

Source: mom_ontherocks

#5 Sorry, too expensive

Source: KatieDeal99

#6 Or your house

Source: copymama

#7 Well, better late than never

Source: dramadelinquent

#8 Don’t do that

Source: fowlcomics

#9 Were you really wearing socks then?

Source: dad_on_my_feet

#10 So blessed

Source: BunAndLeggings

#11 If it’s silent suddenly – then you really have to walk up there

Source: sarcasticmommy4

#12 Don’t you dare

Source: looksliketuttut

#13 Pity bread

Source: Wordesse

#14 “I’m raising savages”

Source: sarabellab123

#15 Only one good wine?

Source: RodLacroix

#16 Do NOT pee on your brother!

Source: sweetmomissa

#17 “Give me some”

Source: RodLacroix

#18 “Don’t look at me”

Source: dadmann_walking

#19 Savage

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#20 Disturbing voices

Source: mommy_cusses

#21 So there’s no way to block them on a search

Source: copymama

#22 First and foremost

Source: saltymamas

#23 How did you count?

Source: Lhlodder

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