Ridiculous GoFundMe Pages That Will Make You Question Humanity's Sanity

Looking for some inspiration for your next brainless venture? Look no further than these GoFundMe pages, where you'll find some of the most ridiculous and nonsensical causes ever created. From funding a stranger's wedding to supporting a guy's quest to break the world record for most chicken nuggets eaten in one sitting, these campaigns are sure to make you laugh and shake your head in disbelief. But a word of caution, do not try these at home, or anywhere else for that matter!

#1. What the-

Source: DontFundMe

#2. UPDATE: The green bean man has raised $5.

Source: DontFundMe

#3. Turns out having kids is expensive...

Source: pantyfex

#4. Man kills 3 people driving 104 MPH in a 35 zone. Family creates go fund me to get him out on bail and out of the country before the trial:

Source: BeautyNoBeast

#5. Former child star wants 100k, he has spent all his money:

Source: mmonzeob

#6. Woman uses kids to ask Money for a boob job:

Source: Ser_falX

#7. Our AK 47.

Source: PestilentWolf17

#8. "Kid at the school I go to"

Source: fez-b

#9. Why

Source: ironwillow

#10. Who spends 25000 on alcohol, that is a heroin addiction if ever I saw one.


#11. If you don’t know who she is she’s the girl who stabbed a man and nearly killed him because she loved him.

Source: DontFundMe

#12. Boogie, is that you?

Source: trustmeimaneng

#13. $2,000 goal btw, even though they have an XBox

Source: thechamkid

#14. A man with a plan...

Source: A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C2

#15. Nope!

Source: B2boomer

#16. Pls help

Source: ChristopherPiano

#17. Shitty situation, but don’t do this.

Source: ClubbyBubbyBoi

#18. A fund for this guy's booty call.

Source: gofundme

#19. Bruh

Source: gofundme

#20. It’s a mood for sure.

Source: itzongaming

#21. Another person who shouldn't have reproduced.

Source: ladymagnolia87

#22. And people in Hell want ice water.

Source: BestBedpan

#23. Can't stand these hoes.

Source: DontFundMe

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