23 Quick Solutions For Everyday Problems That You Should Try

Being creative has been a defining characteristic of humans since the beginning of time. It's a skill that distinguishes us from other creatures. For example, when faced with several difficulties and tricky problems at the same time, we easily find quick and useful life hacks that can address all of the issues at hand simultaneously. Many people shared innovative and useful solutions for our everyday problems online. And we have collected some for you in the list below.
If you are looking for some tricks and tips that can make your life easier, take a minute to scroll down and check out this list. Don't forget to share with us your creative life hacks. For more quick solutions for everyday problems, check out 25 Modern Solutions To Modern Problems That Will Crack You Up.

#1. You should do this with your detergent cup if you haven’t already - 2 holes and a Chinese takeout handle

Source: flashmanMRP

#2. If you need to toss your Rx prescription bottles… simply use a lighter to quickly heat the thermal sticker to blacken your private info. Lots easier than peeling off

Source: seerofseersreddit

#3. If you alternate the orientation of the glasses in your cabinet, you can pack them tighter and get about a third of your cabinet space back

Source: mshah85

#4. Descaling coffee machine. If you don’t have any pots fitting under your machine to catch the water. Now it runs directly into the sink

Source: D-a-r-t-h

#5. No cap? No problem!

Source: k3uin

#6. My son kept drinking the pool water so we put floaties on his feet...

Source: scatteredleaves

#7. Need to sneak vodka in?

Source: unknown / imgur

#8. I discovered that if you put the spatula handle through the handles of coffee mugs, you can prevent it from flying all over the place during washing

Source: MiNuggets

#9. A fitted sheet at the beach can come in handy as a picnic area

Source: Human02211979

#10. Pro-Tip: pack a squeegee in the stroller permanently, if you live in a rainy climate & visit slides

Source: Super-414

#11. Landscaping and need a place to sit for lunch? Wheelbarrow chair!

Source: howarddog

#12. Getting the estimated size of the tool I'll need

Source: williamd83

#13. No corkscrew? No problem

Source: unknown / reddit

#14. If you are ever staying at a hotel and need a chip clip

Source: broncophil

#15. Needed an air pump to blow up the kiddie pool. MacGyvered this bad boy

Source: LAST2thePARTY

#16. If the water bottles don't fit in the basket, then you can do this

Source: InfamousInspector509

#17. Stop water from puddling up on your canopy!

Source: Souljuuh-The-Gamer

#18. If you need ambient light while camping, place a headlight facing inwards on a water jug

Source: Griclav

#19. This is how you can never forget about your gas cap

Source: Cfx99

#20. I didn't have a candle, but I remembered that an orange and some oil are all you need

Source: J_A_N_I_T_O_R

#21. Water tap too short? Not a problem

Source: Morpegom

#22. Modern problems require...

Source: unknown / reddit

#23. Cooling fan broken? Problem solved. Gave me 45 FPS back

Source: ACEmat

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