25 Pictures Of Elderly Pets That Prove Their Love Is Timeless

One of the most beautiful things a human being can experience is watching their beloved pet grow up.
Little kittens and puppies are just the most adorable pets a person could own and most people would prefer a kitten over a full-grown cat. Part of it is because infant animals are simply too adorable, and part of it is because people want to adopt a young one so they can see them grow up. That is why the following images are so lovely. Several of these creatures have been in their permanent home for an extended period of time and are not considered geriatric.
Some of us may think this is beautiful, but there isn't enough affection for the senior creatures on the Internet. That is precisely why we are here. We wanted to express our gratitude to the creatures that have been by our side through thick and thin. Therefore, if that's what you're looking for, you've come to the perfect spot. We've gathered some of the finest images for you. Simply scroll down to see for yourself.

1. "Peanut (17) is my little prince"

Source: u/itsnickk

2. "Today is my Olive's Sweet 16. Help me wish a very happy birthday to this stoic little tube of love ❤️"

Source: u/awkwardyoganinja

3. "This is Sadie. She's 17."

Source: u/Choose_2b_Happy

4. "My old man is gonna be 16 this year. He's still a kitten at heart, but today calls for his favorite bed snuggles by the fire."

Source: u/Muhfuggajones

5. "Our Savva, at the end of March he turned 18 years old. Screaming out of boredom, like a victim, apparently he hears no longer well. But such a relative!"

Source: Диана Гомзина

6. "It's this old man's 14th cake day today!"

Source: u/ahab_rehab

7. "We would take you to the bar, but they’re all closed. Happy 21st birthday Mario!"

Source: u/cybertron25

8. "My homeboy for the last 18 1/4 years."

Source: u/PicaPaoDiablo

9. "Oh, how she is getting grey… ? Last 6 mo. have been filled with ailments of all kind. But! The open wound in her tail from the surgery is on the mend! ? Adele (16) ???"

Source: u/dhruan

10. "My 12 year old kira still loves hiking"

Source: u/uahshit

11. "I was 23 when I adopted him. He's 16 and I'm almost 40. Just the sweetest kitty."

Source: u/Damasticator

12. "Old lady cat, Queen Pauline, is 18 today!"

Source: u/psychkitty

13. "My baby Bear cub is 16 today!"

Source: u/megasopholus

14. "My 15 year old Chihuahua has very sensitive eyes due to iris atrophy. Here she is in her "doggles."..."

Source: u/Amazonian_Broad

15. "My hare is 11. We walk 4-5 km almost every day."

Source: Anastasia Sokolova

16. "This is Red, Red is about 15 yrs old and is a pitbull mix say hi"

Source: u/thatonegamerplayFH4

17. "Our 15 year old chinchilla just gave birth for the first time in 8 years"

Source: u/Shaqitty

18. "This guy has been by my side for twenty years today. He helped me through some rough times."

Source: u/sivablue

19. "Buddy (13) mostly deaf, blind and in diapers but he sure knows when I'm fixing his dinner bowl of mush"

Source: u/jteter

20. My (almost 12 y/o) handsome mittens and headband model, Spock! (and my tattoo of him)

Source: u/Mooooofs

21. "My (almost 12 y/o) handsome mittens and headband model, Spock! (and my tattoo of him)"

Source: u/Sad_Possession_9215

22. "I swear there is actually an old man trapped inside of this old man. Zipper — 11"

Source: u/theidiotsareincharge

23. "Old man Bob (13) says the wheat fields are at the perfect tummy tickle height!"

Source: u/Lucybeatrice

24. "14 year old Carum now has a harness for helping him around and up stairs to his friends and favorite sleeping spots"

Source: u/Dahkeus


25. "19 year old bitbit staring at me eating popcorn"

Source: u/Flimsy_Roll_8412

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