23 Pics to Show How Freakin' Epic Germany Is, Ya'll Gotta See These!

With a population of over 83 million people, Germany has a complex language and rich culture. German also shows much admiration for efficiency, bureaucracy, and rules. That literally is dry and boring but do not judge the book by its cover. Besides a common love of sausages and bread-like many countries over the world, Germany owns its weird little quirks and it has been illustrated on the internet through pictures. You surely have to “wow” and find more fantastic truth when discovering deeply Germany. Let’s see some interesting pics that show how epic Germany is!
Instead of something casual, a German hotel leaves a copy of the UN’s Declaration Of Human Rights. Maybe the owner wants to send a threat to prissy guest: “Don’t curse at our employees as we all have human rights”

#1. German Hotel Leaves A Copy Of The UN’s Declaration Of Human Rights

Source: ukdanae

#2. A Building Plays Music When It Rains

Source: reddit

#3. A wheelchair swing in Germany.

Source: zimvi

#4. Crosswalk signals

Source: Brutal_Deluxe_

#5. An attempt to make parking safer for women.

Source: lechattueur

#6. Playing Pong with others on the pole of traffic lights

Source: drkmatterinc

#7. A Genius Creativity Of Beer Promotions

Source: unknown

#8. An elevator that has an aquarium inside of it

Source: VALVOR4life

#9. Snowy bridge

Source: MichaelRahmani

#10. Black house within arrange of colorful houses

Source: unknown

#11. A house being moved

Source: nothas

#12. Wave surfing in house

Source: Niran_

#13. Ice cream or Spaghetti?

Source: MarkHaworth

#14. Try Out Canoes right under store

Source: dittidot

#15. Legos Bridge

Source: dbarefoot

#16. Cat Shaped Kindergarten

Source: digitalgirlie

#17. Just this!

Source: germany

#18. McDonald's in Germany:

Source: reddit

#19. Kasus for street cred!

Source: andy01q

#20. Black Forest

Source: kee-mosabe

#21. The ridiculously photogenic german police and protester

Source: C0c04l4

#22. This Oktoberfest starts in September:

Source: gettyimages

#23. Actually returning recyclables and collecting your deposit.

Source: pr0gramm

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