23 Pics Of Satisfying Things That Will Please Your Eyes

In this hectic life, chances are some of us may miss noticing a few interesting things around us. That's why we really want to share with you all the amazing things and moments that we stumble into. And today, we are back with a list of oddly satisfying things that will soothe your perfectionist soul. Your eyes will be pleased and your mood will be lifted after seeing them.
Scroll down to check out our selection of satisfying pics that can bring some balance back into your busy life. Hope you enjoy it!

#1. The way my smoothie blended

Source: iamjobin

#2. The symmetry in this bologna sandwich

Source: trev1cent

#3. Floating ice in Antarctica

Source: jaymesucks

#4. My brother made a perfect pancake today

Source: Qu4nttum

#5. Farm fresh eggs organized by color

Source: reddit

#6. Got bored snacking on these little chinese sweet puffs

Source: baguetties

#7. Afro Bougainville

Source: rustyyryan

#8. I found a banana that fits perfectly in my banana case!

Source: Markymark142

#9. These piles of spice in a Marrakesh market

Source: nyancatya_

#10. This clock when it's 12

Source: Sapulinjing

#11. A prefect hexagon of orange Reeseā€™s pieces

Source: OneJarOfPeanutButter

#12. These ginormous, perfect avocados

Source: DMmeYourCat

#13. Shadowed crocodile tattoo

Source: Boojibs

#14. The lighting under this bridge that makes it look like a Crescent-Moon in the water

Source: micheas08

#15. This Shadow creating a perfect gradient

Source: demitrybelmont

#16. Freshly fallen snow

Source: dittidot

#17. How moss grew on my roof

Source: dittidot

#18. Geometric cabbage

Source: Wolfdijon

#19. This flawless yellow onion

Source: Videowulff

#20. This flawless flan

Source: Videowulff

#21. My avocado today was 11/10

Source: 180secondideas

#22. Doggo's matching paw

Source: Boojibs

#23. The way this chili in my garden ripened

Source: thatpropgirl

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