23 Photos That Prove Karma Is A B*tch

Have you ever thought about eating something from the work fridge that didn't belong to you? Or perhaps you've considered stealing somebody else's parking space, or maybe you've been tempted to beat the traffic by driving down the outside lane and cutting everybody else up. Well, before you go ahead and do whatever nefarious thing you've been contemplating, just remember that karma is watching you, and it won't let you get away with it! You really don't have to be a Hindu believer to know deep down that those bad decisions just might end up with an instant karma lesson. And karma is a b*tch!
Don't you believe us when we say that these life lessons are real? Then check out this list of hilarious photos that we have compiled to see for yourself how everything that goes around eventually comes around. From funny accidents to the best fails, the people on this list got exactly what they deserved. Now let's dive right in and check them all out, and remember to be good to each other!

#1. God's work

Source: MuAlH

#2. Someone forgot the #1 rule: Know your clients.

Source: Hillshurt

#3. Got what was coming.

Source: reddit

#4. "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me."

Source: uhhsamurai

#5. Good for her!

Source: PizzaPow

#6. Bye bye.

Source: NearbyDANKSTER

#7. Bet that interview went well.

Source: About137Ninjas

#8. Goodbye, monster.

Source: reddit

#9. You can't come to the hood without asking the king.

Source: Amygdala5822

#10. Karmadillo

Source: jmonis2

#11. Hope he farted, too.

Source: Supraman18

#12. Amazing. Impeccable.

Source: tinyzenji

#13. He knows he messed up big time.

Source: AleyFarooq_

#14. Respect your mother, kids!

Source: dobbyisafreepup


Source: blackxparty

#16. Hasta la vista!!

Source: boredpanda

#17. Just play defence.

Source: Smoothwhisp

#18. Reverse brick.

Source: gabedavis46

#19. Instant.

Source: rromero26

#20. Hit and run driver forgot something:

Source: Royal__Tenenbaum

#21. And it was during the Corona lockdown.

Source: boredpanda

#22. Just let that sink in what a bad decision it was...

Source: LorenzoBagnato

#23. OH SNAP!

Source: audaz134

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