23 People Who Have Mastered The Freedom Of Being Unique In Their Own Way

We are all unique in our own way. However, some people whose appearances are just more unique than others. Take people in the list below, for example. They were born with weird and different characteristics, for example, elf ears to different-colored eyes, all of which make them one-of-a-kind people.
Many people nowadays try their best to meet the beauty standard set by the media. However, who they are trying to become might not be themselves. On the contrary, these folks have mastered the freedom of being unique in their own special way. Are you curious about how different they are? Take a minute to scroll down and check them out.

#1. Can your elbows do this!!

Source: joshr0berts

#2. I have a natural elf ear

Source: talliabadallia

#3. I was born with 3ish toes on my right foot

Source: darbel

#4. Love those colored eyes

Source: katebosworth

#5. Tibetan model Tsunaina has a real cosmic look

Source: tsunaina

#6. The palm of my hand grows hair after a skin graft I got a few years ago

Source: everyone_always

#7. My baby's hairy ears

Source: Brittamas

#8. I was born with only four fingers on my left hand

Source: Marrtyr11

#9. World’s largest tongue family photo

Source: TheRealEdRotella

#10. Divine Individuality

Source: reiniervigoa

#11. What do you see in this picture?

Source: jena.xo.amend

#12. I must have snored a lot last night, my uvula has swollen enough to sit on my tongue

Source: TheRealEdRotella

#13. Chameleon mode ...

Source: unknown / imgur

#14. Beautiful human

Source: Beautiful human

#15. My deformed hand

Source: OstrichBakedGhoul

#16. You are unique with this

Source: unknown / reddit

#17. Black & white — a perfect match without any mascara at all

Source: HeroOfTime4209

#18. Man with Waardenburg Syndrome, which purportedly makes him deaf in one ear, with white hair, and different-colored eyes

Source: Nugatorysurplusage

#19. I have elf ears

Source: fairylegal

#20. Raynaud’s Syndrome (Phenomenon) on my hand this morning

Source: bifishologist

#21. My youngest daughter was born this February with an extra finger on each hand

Source: cheesecake_in_denial

#22. My daughter’s elf ears

Source: Coffeeisbetta

#23. I was cursed with a belly button that sticks out through my shirts

Source: unknown / reddit

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