23 People Shared Their "Smartest People, Dumbest Mistake" Stories, And They Are F*cking Hilarious

Everyone has instances when their brain malfunctions and they do stupid things. This can also happen to people who are so-called geniuses. We are all human, after all. Still, it can be disappointing yet amusing to see these super smart people screw up in the normal everyday situation. Witnessing or hearing about their dumbest mistake can give you a good laugh and feel so much better about yourself. Cause this just proves that having good grades or business acumen doesn’t make someone flawless or street-smart.
Let’s hear the stories about these highly-performing people in their normal life. You will be surprised how the smartest people can be quite a dork sometimes. Seems like schools and books have taken some of their brain cells, making them forget about the simplest thing and putting them in such embarrassingly amusing situations. If you need a good laugh, check these out! This collection of smart people, dumbest mistake will make you burst into laughter.

#1. Stuck in a sticky situation.

Source: RoboticoEl

#2. Follow up by this:

Source: martinderidder

#3. It progressed slowly and he still didn’t treat it? Bruh.

Source: MavEtJu

#4. Maybe he/she forgot that they had a metal bowl, but if they were aware... well.

Source: phailanx

#5. "I hear the pay here is pretty rad brah."

Source: sizzlingmaniac69

#6. HOW DO PEOPLE do this ONCE let alone THREE TIMES??

Source: KoreyKruse

#7. Well, congrats?

Source: mccarthybergeron

#8. The dude probably thought tomayto, tomahto.

Source: Idontevenownacat

#9. Oh professor!

Source: yours_duly

#10. To be fair, we also find the concept of electric eels REALLY weird.

Source: suitology

#11. We've all been there.

Source: Mooglet1

#12."It's fine! I assumed it wasn't loaded, guys!"

Source: Tommy340

#13. Hulk in the making:

Source: CeePee1

#14. "If this was a kitchen in Dow, this would not have happened"

Source: crappyroads

#15. "They become complete vegetables"

Source: whydidyadothat; WhatAGoodDoggy

#16. These two:

Source: foxmom; ActV_SceneV

#17. Hmm.

Source: Annies_Boobz_

#18. This one is just cute.

Source: courtvs

#19. This doctor:

Source: Reddit

#20. And this clueless engineer:

Source: massi95

#21. LOL.

Source: Something_Syck

#22. LMAO.

Source: captainmagictrousers

#23. Oh, Matt.

Source: Mattrtwhite

#24. The ending that you've been scrolling for:

Source: t-h-e-d-u-d-e

#25. Does it a mathematician thing?

Source: Azryhael; jn29

#26. This Harvard graduate:

Source: Reddit

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