23 Misleading Captions That Will Change How We See Things Forever

You might not have heard of this before but it's easy for our brain to deceive itself. A lot of times our brains will create a visual that may not actually exist just because the texts we read tell us so. To show you what we are talking about, let us introduce to you this special corner we found on Reddit known as r/misleadingthumbnails. This place is where people share pictures and provide misleading captions just to mess with our brains. Don’t you think that it is hilarious when we already know we are lied to but somehow still fall for it?
We’ve selected 23 of the funniest and most deceiving photos from this online community that go way better with their misleading captions than the truths. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Woman licking baby's head

Source: sirfool

#2. Pulled teeth

Source: bmp709

#3. Frozen Turkeys

Source: wingstop_wingslut

#4. Baby deer chilling on a chair

Source: ricrdvc

#5. Cheeseburger without Bread

Source: MrCheesLlams

#6. An advanced elevator system in Japan

Source: __Dysfunctional__

#7. Explicit poster for gayclub

Source: Valk93

#8. Delicious sushi

Source: aRealAmateur

#9. Man with curly hair about to dive into the water

Source: danish-pastry

#10. Mark Zuckerberg in the hospital

Source: flyingfrig

#11. The head of great pharaoh Cleopatra

Source: daymanahaha

#12. Horrible crime scene

Source: freeloder11

#13. "Just curled my hair for the first time!"

Source: Bellacaprino

#14. Mike Wazowski

Misleading CaptionsSource: BufordTeeJustice

#15. Those chickens look so happy!

Misleading CaptionsSource: Flaming_Ice_

#16. This massive watermelon seed

Misleading CaptionsSource: LooseyNoose

#17. Two men emerging from the water

Misleading CaptionsSource: ChrisRunsTheWorld

#18. A nice bowl of Pho

Misleading CaptionsSource: noexcolunga

#19. A Community Pool in Asia

Misleading CaptionsSource: reddit

#20. McDonalds newest ice cream flavour

Misleading CaptionsSource: grottwald1

#21. Man born with terrible face deformity

Misleading CaptionsSource: Homicidal_Kitten

#22. Fried chicken on a wire rack

Misleading CaptionsSource: nibzFTW

#23. First attempt at 3D scanning

Misleading CaptionsSource: nibzFTW

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