23 Hilariously Weird Pics That Scream, "I Saw It, So Now You Have To See It Too"

Sure, the internet has been world-changing and has allowed us to connect with virtually anybody anywhere, but man, is it ever a vortex of weirdness? All it takes is a few clicks, and you can find yourself in a dark corner with weird pictures that will leave your brain in a puddle of confusion. So prepare your eyes, because after viewing the hilariously weird pics in this gallery, you may just want to take a long break from the sideshow circus that is the world wide web.
From the fleshy-looking heel boots to twisted jokes and memes, here are some of the images hidden in the depths of the internet that are just plain baffling. So let's check out these weird, wild, and cursed images that we were brave enough to find. Obviously presented in no particular order, because how would you order something that makes no sense at all?

#1. This deeply disturbing tattoo face swap.

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: zthirtytwo

#2. These boots...

Source: reddit

#3. This foot-shaped meatloaf:

Hilariously Weird Pics Feetloaf

Source: tamtamlynn

#4. This loaf of bread:

Source: lewROLL

#5. "If you don’t have your chicken medium rare you’re doing it wrong"

Hilariously Weird Pics Bruh, you spelled salmonella wrong.

Source: Memeulous

#6. These unsettling Nicktoons character crossovers.

Source: Nickelodeon

#7. This new urinal concept, which designed to prevent all that mess:

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: ThatterribleITguy

#8. "Come to papa."

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: wojtekwel991

#9. Childhood.exe has been deleted.

Source: reddit

#10. Woah...

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: RedBlackHat20088

#11. It was feet pics all along...

Source: BilbyBlair

#12. Do y’all peel your nuggets?

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: reddit

#13. This concept of the tooth fairy:

Source: carver7887

#14. Why does Kermit have teeth?

Source: sally_luray

#15. Without the cross, it just looks like he's jumping on the bed with you in the most awkward sleepover ever.

Source: CripySatyr16

#16. Wait, where are his hands?

Source: C001-NAM3

#17. Nooo!

Source: MidSpecGamer5

#18. Well yes, but actually yes.

Source: MattW29

#19. I'm lovin' it!

Source: KimFam56

#20. You know the normal mosquitos...but now... I'm going to show you...EL MOSCO!

Source: FurretExplainsJokes

#21. Oh... he knows.

Source: Valvez

#22. Aww, what the fvck.

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: Mesto_kenway

#23. I don't see any difference...

Hilariously Weird PicsSource: olfies_person

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