23 Funny Photos Of Folks Who Thought They Were Cool During Their Younger Years

The nostalgia for the past is always there in old photographs. They make us nostalgic and emotional by preserving memories in photographs. Sometimes they are your humiliating moments, and you just want them to go away, but trust me, when you look back on them later, you will grin and cry. For us, the images that capture our youth are the ones we want to save the most carefully. The 'Blunder Years' internet community is committed to sharing impulsive photos of youth, such as bad hairstyles or colorful clothing.
Here are some funny photos of folks who thought they were cool during their younger years. Scroll down to check them out, and don't forget to share your photos. Have a good day, guys.

#1. 2003. I smiled like this in every picture because I thought it looked "natural." I swear I've never harmed any animals

Source: NSMetroid

#2. My mom wouldn’t allow me to wear this 80s era Spider-Man undershirt for picture day, but I snuck it under my clothes anyway

Source: Tack-One

#3. 1987, We loved The Cure, 7Seconds, The Decedents, The Smiths, etc. We taped 120 Minutes off MTV every Sunday night from midnight - 2 am. I'm on the far left. can believe we weren't blind in one eye after all the years with the lopsided haircuts

Source: Acctgrrl

#4. It was the 80s. I have no other excuse

Source: owzleee

#5. My nickname was "Ronald" in School

Source: DannyDublin1975

#6. Me circa 2005 thinking I was the absolutely worst thing around with my men’s camo cargo shorts and corset combo

Source: Kbeefydubbz

#7. Sometime between 05 and 07, I remember I got to choose the background and which weapon I posed with

Source: shortlegs99

#8. My mom cut my hair the day before picture day (the early 90s). For picture day we curled my very short hair resulting in this delightfully puffy abomination where I insisted on wearing earrings so “I didn’t look like a boy." The result is this delightful Xmas ornament that I get to look at every year

Source: teebee431

#9. This pic won me the “most embarrassing” GenX photo a few years back. Christmas 1989

Source: Reddit

#10. My Brother and I, in the Late 90s

Source: KFCCrocs

#11. Family photo. what a mood

Source: puffsaddy

#12. Thanks to my sister, I completely embraced goth culture in 1998

Source: clumsychickadee_

#13. Mom, it’s not a phase

Source: inkmaster916

#14. Showed this old picture of myself to my fiancé, & she said, “Edward stopping the truck from hitting Bella in Twilight”

Source: boddah666

#15. This is so long ago and yes I worked at Hot Topic

Source: dinosaurpixie

#16. Somehow it took me until my thirties to figure out I’m a dude despite going through high school looking like this

Source: maybejolisa

#17. Leave some ladies for the rest of us

Source: youruineverything

#18. Oh college. I'll never be this cool again

Source: TrondroKely

#19. Me at 17(2010) living it up in Vegas

Source: pelirojo67

#20. Recovered this gem from the "Autobiography" I wrote when I was 10

Source: Dirty-D

#21. My “date” to the Eighth Grade Dance

Source: tamenesh

#22. Me Circa 1995. I think I thought I was grunge or something

Source: hoggytime613

#23. High school art class

Source: minthotel

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