23 Funny Boyfriend Fails That Make Their Partners Wave The White Flag

Have you ever asked your boyfriend to do something for you, and the outcome was unexpected? When we - their girlfriends have them choose a shower curtain or tie their dresses, they tend to do those tasks in a surprisingly amusing way, and occasionally they end up with failures. We don't know how and why they can come up with such creative ideas. Perhaps our loved ones don't have the common sense we believe they possess. In the end, though, that is the reason why you love them.
We have compiled a list of funny boyfriend fails that make their partners wave the white flag. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pictures. Also, post any pictures you have of your lover doing something hilarious that makes you love them even more in the comment section below.

#1. I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain and now we have this

Source: BoaGirl

#2. My 21-year-old boyfriend made his first pot of coffee this morning...

Source: kyie734

#3. My boyfriend tried to be cute and replace a pizza slice with a cupcake

Source: masqueradexo

#4. I asked my boyfriend if he would run me a bath... So wrong

Source: unknown / imgur

#5. My boyfriend's sister tried to fix some broken decorations


#6. Asked my boyfriend to tie my dress...

Source: iheartmom

#7. My boyfriend thought he'd give me a sexy surprise after work today...

Source: Buffitron

#8. Asked my boyfriend to finish cutting up the watermelon...

Source: klc88

#9. Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow...

Source: splanderson

#10. Asked my boyfriend to make the dish for a potluck this weekend...

Source: LadyMacDeath

#11. My friend caught the bouquet. That is her boyfriend in the background

Source: FellSamurai

#12. My boyfriend sent me this from our seats (season ticket holders) during the NCSU/Syracuse game telling me I was "missing it"...

Source: Jespectacular

#13. This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer

Source: sugarlumps1

#14. I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn't allowed in the bed

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: shockhead

#15. I asked my husband to put away the leftovers

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: Asher64

#16. The way my boyfriend left his ice cream cone while he went to pee

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: BestioleRaccoon

#17. This is what my boyfriend did to prevent me from snooping before he proposed

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: marypoppinacap

#18. Got my boyfriend a label maker... I'm starting to regret it!

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: vonSpotz

#19. My boyfriend's mailbox was buried so far under the snow they couldn't dig it out.... so he improvised

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: unknown / reddit

#20. My boyfriend just returned to work after surgery- and this is how he found his office

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: Graphite404040

#21. My boyfriend cuts holes into towels if they don’t have a loop to help him hang them up on the “slippery” bathroom hook

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: Cleopatra_queen

#22. My attempt at taking a cute picture of the cat napping on my boyfriend was thwarted

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: MissHeather13

#23. My boyfriend said he packed my lunch for me... I guess we're going hobo style today!

Funny Boyfriend FailsSource: unknown / reddit

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