23 Daily Life Hacks That'll Make You Go, 'Oh Snap, That's Some Next-Level Genius Sh*t'"

Life hacks are clever solutions we improvise to do everyday tasks. They make our lives easier and more efficient. With the benefits they offer, it is easy to understand that we will always want to learn more about them and share what we know with others. Therefore, we scoured the Internet and gathered all the tips that will come in handy for you in the future.
The tips listed below can help you find your dog, help you remember to take your daily pill, or keep your sandwich as good as possible. These suggestions may sound random or funny, but we can guarantee they work.
Without further ado, claim your knowledge of daily life hacks by scrolling down and checking them out. Also, don't hesitate to share any life hacks you know with us in the comments below.

#1. Lost your dog?

Source: Imgur

#2. Pumpkin carving done easy:

Source: ReBeL222

#3. That sucks.

Source: Master1718

#4. Solid advice.

Source: gloeingsoy

#5. Bring a shower head wherever you travel

Source: thenewyorkgod

#6. "Write the date on your blister packs so you know if you've taken your meds for that day or not."

Source: Mananai

#7. "Annoying sliver but no tweezers? Glasses in a pinch!"

Source: sjetmand

#8. How to check on someone far away:

Source: tempest59

#9. How to fire a wet lighter:

Source: TedBaird

#10. Never lose a Roku controller again

Source: Green_purp024

#11. To keep your sandwich from getting soggy, put the condiments on the fillings, not the bread.

Source: PrityBird

#12. $2 headphone stand

Source: SabsWithR

#13. That’s why they give people ice chips in the hospital.

Source: No-Art-1985

#14. This guy said goodbye to sweaty armpits

Source: Opel_Astra

#15. When you need to open a box, who says you need a knife?

Source: Familiar_Stranger936

#16. How to keep the seat next to you empty.

Source: esberat

#17. Found this at my parents' house!

Source: niyamaa27

#18. "I sat next to an engineer on my flight home."

Source: jeffythunders

#19. How to open a beer bottle:

Source: voxsupra1

#20. How to move clothes on hangers and still be able to reuse the garbage bag:

Source: iwoulddieforbenny

#21. The way this boy folds his shirts:

Source: catrumano

#22. A very important playlist

Source: r_I_reddit

#23. Keep your toddler safe in the grocery cart seat (and prevent abductions) with a carabiner.

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

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