23 Careless Employees Who Failed To Fulfill Their Duties

When it comes to employment, each job carries a certain set of responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to maintain a productive and professional workplace. However, not everyone takes their job seriously, and unfortunately, this can lead to some pretty careless mistakes. In some cases, these mistakes may cause minor inconveniences, while in others, they can result in major setbacks or even dangerous situations.
In this article, we'll take a look at 23 careless employees who incredibly messed up their only job even though there is very little room for blunders. From construction workers to fast-food employees, no profession is immune to the effects of carelessness. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, read on to learn what not to do on the job.

#1. Pretty sure numbers are universal

Source: W4nderingMind

#2. Hope noone needs help

Source: misterman416

#3. Is the ink edible?

Source: jarajara1861

#4. The fan works now

Source: Mystriodis

#5. Apparently floor 1 doesn’t exist for blind people…

Source: ai_like_aegislash

#6. It’s all downhill from here

Source: X3N04L13N

#7. The city found an unlimited fine revenue cheat

Source: collali699

#8. Made a bar graph of the weather pattern, boss

Source: Litmusdragon

#9. The toilet paper at my work is so cheap it has splinters

Source: TXCaptainJim

#10. Uploaded the description under each insect, boss

Source: JPB88SA

#11. When you see it...

Source: flyart

#12. Made the "Avengers" toy, boss

Source: UrameshiYuusuke

#13. Why?

Source: NNether23_main

#14. Uhhhhhh how?

Source: Da-Stan

#15. Did the window display, boss

Source: craftsy

#16. I made the shirt, boss

Source: trickyvinny

#17. I put the wall right where you asked, boss

Source: robdeknegt

#18. When 2 letters are still the same letters upside down… so close

Source: eggsbeenadick

#19. Upside down labels of hot sauce

Source: Jameskeenan718

#20. I thought I was 6’5”…

Source: bp_987

#21. I’m sure cars turning will read the sign no problem

Source: Melodic_Theme7364

#22. Words mean nothing

Source: nixon0770

#23. Do not stack more than 3 high

Source: nixon0770

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