23 Brilliant Ideas Executed By People Whose Imagination Knows No Boundaries

Dear our beloved readers, there are three things that make us happy, and we hope that you do too. They are funny cat photos (yeah, since no one can get enough of them, rights?), wholesome narrations, and ultimately, creativeness from imaginative individuals. Our team at Aubtu really wants to share that last category with you today.
Some of the brightest and greatest ideas we've ever seen are featured here. Some of these are brilliant, while others are so straightforward but brilliant that we regret not having thought of them first. In any event, the ideas of these folks really stretch the bounds of inventiveness.
Conclusively, this world is made better and more intriguing by imaginative people. Every day, commonplace items are transformed into exceptional things that spark conversation. There is in fact nothing wrong with being quirky or thinking differently from the majority of people. Here are 24 creative individuals who demonstrate this.

#1. What a unique proposal.

Source: dkey1983/reddit

#2. What to do when you can’t find the handle of your razor blade:

Source: R2FuckYou/reddit

#3. How to stay classy.

Source: erasrz/imgur

#4. The best way to commemorate an old phone? Take a photo of it and use it as a wallpaper in your new phone.

Source: digdugsmug/reddit

#5. How my husband babysits our kid:

Source: elilanger/reddit

#6. This is going to be one epic wedding, without a doubt.

Source: wood_simbuns/reddit

#7. Pure originality.

Source: Serejenka/pikabu

#8. The next Yeezy. Kanye would be proud!

Source: Booooooom/pikabu

#9. Pure genius!

Source: mike_pants/reddit

#10. The blue screen of death.

Source: 4nat1k/pikabu

#11. How clever!

Source: mirrors/pikabu

#12. A teacher couldn’t make it for photo day, thus they improvised.

Source: Karmey2/reddit

#13. BE FREEE!

Source: michellehook0907/imgur

#14. This guy made this ring to propose to her girlfriend. Sweet!

Source: dobuk/imgur

#15. How to keep your cat warm during winter.

Source: Souffle/pikabu

#16. “My dad testing my boyfriend’s chess skills.”

Source: Tastefulsideb00b/imgur

#17. 404 error: Productivity not found.

Source: TheGr8Canadian/reddit

#18. How on earth did he make the frogs stay on his head?

Source: Hannah/awkwardfamilyphotos

#19. My girlfriend, found in every online webcam while traveling the cities of Crimea.

Source: Turugnite/pikabu

#20. “This is what I gave my girlfriend last Christmas.”

Source: Astartos/pikabu

#21. My cat pretending to not pay attention while waiting for the mouse to make a break for it.

Source: Wes_Rivermaster/reddit

#22. When you’ve got a cramped kitchen.

Source: AlohaChelny/pikabu

#23. This couple decided to plant their wedding bouquet. What a stunner!

Source: TeaTimeAtThree/reddit

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