Canary Yellow And Turquoise Blue, This Passerine Bird Looks Like A Luminous Ball Of Feathers

The world of birds is fascinating! You can find many species that seem to jump out from fairy books. They are just too perfect to be true. These flying creatures put on one-of-their-kind coats, making them conspicuous among others. They add more colors to nature, making it more beautiful.

Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Instagram/birdexplained

The orange-breasted bunting is one of these spectacular birds. Just look at its plumage and you will definitely agree with our words. It's covered in canary yellow (belly) and turquoise blue (back, wings, and tail). Additionally, it has a pale green crown and golden-orange breast. This color combination makes this bird a luminous ball of feathers. Awesome!

Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Instagram/wild.singapore

Like many other species, the female orange-breasted bunting is duller than the male. She has grey-green upperparts and yellow underparts. However, both sexes have yellow eye-rings.

Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Instagram/zihuadean
This stunning small bird is a species of passerine bird in the Cardinalidae family. Native to the Pacific slope of Mexico, this species prefers living in tropical dry forested areas and arid scrubland, thorny thickets, bushy deciduous woodland, and clearings. They also inhabit the edges of wooded edges at an altitude of 3,000 feet.

Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Aedrake09 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Thanks to the large range, the population of this species is now stable.

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Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Instagram/nickjourneyman

These birds breed from May through to June. After finding mates, the females will build the cup-shaped nests on their own. These nests are made from rootlets, grasses, and dry leaves and placed in a low bush or thick scrub. Female birds then lay 3-4 eggs inside the nests and incubate them. They continue to feed the chicks until fully-fledged.

Cardinalidae finchesImage Credits: Instagram/mellisuga_helenae

Regarding the diets, orange-breasted buntings dine mainly on seeds in winter. When the summer comes, they hunt insects for food.

Image Credits: Instagram/goldenblueca

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