Yellow-breasted Tit, An Adorable Tiny Fluffy Grey Bird With Vivid Yellow Breast

We can't get enough of the cuteness of tiny fluffy creatures. When it comes to the bird worlds, these look like luminous balls of feathers. Many never think that these little feathered animals exist until they see their photos. If you have an opportunity to see these spectacular birds, make sure that you take it, guys.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: Instagram/birdsuzb

The yellow-breasted tit is one of these captivating birds. Most of its body is covered in grey, paler on the head and throat, and bluish on the back and shoulders. These shades are separated by a blueish-grey line on the neck.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: rancesco Veronesi / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, the breast of this species is a vivid yellow color, creating a striking contrast on the plumage. It also has a pure white belly with a black stripe in the middle.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: Instagram/

Unlike adults, young birds are more brownish yellow-tinged on the upperparts and yellow on the underparts.

Image Credits: Instagram/animallover.d
This stunning tiny flying cotton ball is a subspecies of the widespread Azure Tit and a member of the Paridae family.There is still little information of this tit species. They distribute in southern Central Asia and have an isolated population in north-central China.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: Instagram/francescveronesi

They prefer living in deciduous forests, groves, gardens, riparian forests, and man-made forests that are around 1200-1800 meters above the ground.

Image Credits: Instagram/savetheanimalssavetheworld

During the breeding season, the female of this tit builds her nest from moss, shrub fibers, and hair (for lining). This nest is placed in tree hollows, cliff cracks, building cavities, or any hole they might find. She then lays 5-10 eggs in her nest (from early May through to June) and incubates them for around 16 days. She continues to feed the hatchings for 18-21 days until they are fully-fledged and leave the nest.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: Instagram/birdquest_tours

Regarding the diet, these tiny birds feed on different types of seeds and insects.

beautiful bird Gold-breasted titmouseImage Credits: Instagram/animallover.d

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