Purplish-mantled Tanager, A Captivating Chubby Bird With Turquoise Blue Plumage And Lemon Yellow Neck

Turquoise blue is a mesmerizing color. It's irridescent and distinctive. What will happen if a bird puts on a suit of this hue? This flying creature will definitely become a gemstone of nature. Some people even doubt its existence. Just too perfect to be true!

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/xikanel

The purplish-mantled tanager is one of these captivating bluebirds. Most of its body is beautifully covered in a turquoise blue, except for a lemon-yellow throat. This creates a stunning contrast on the plumage, making this species more conspicuous among others.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/Purplish-mantled tanager

Additionally, this tanager wears a small black mask from the beak to the eyes. It also has a buffy white belly and brown rump.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/

The male and female of this bird look quite similar.
Purplish-mantled tanagers are relatively chunky birds. They are a member of the Thraupidae family and distribute from Columbia through to the southeast of Ecuador.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Francesco Veronesi / CC BY-SA 2.0

They prefer living in subtropical moist montane forests and heavily degraded former forested areas. These natural habitats allow these birds to feed on both fruit and insects sought from in dense foliage. Noticeably, they do not share space on fruit trees with other frugivores.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/fermachado55

Image Credits: Instagram/alejodin

Currently, the purplish-mantled tanager is listed as near threatened by IUCN due to the loss and degradation of its habitat. And we, humans, should consider the side effects of agricultural, livestock, and mining activities on its population.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/francescveronesi

Regarding the breeding habit, there is still little information about the breeding season of this species. It varies according to region. For instance, it begins from May to June in the Central and Western mountain ranges.

Purple-cloaked Tanager birdImage Credits: Instagram/joel_such

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