Loving Mother Cat Adopted 4 Orphaned Baby Squirrels And Raised Them Alongside Her Kittens

Remember the compassionate mother cat who took good care of three baby ducklings? If you admire her like we do, here is another feel-good story that proves cats are indeed amazing critters who can make amazing moms without even learning how to. Meet Pusha, a gorgeous kitty who voluntarily adopted four orphaned baby squirrels and raised them like her own kids (and can we please talk about how stunning her eyes are?).

Mother cat adopts 4 squirrelsScreenshot, Inside Edition

The gray feline delivered a litter of four kittens herself not long ago in a park in Bakhchisaray, Crimea, and she was thrilled to be a mother! Her human friends were the ones who knew most about how wonderful Pusha was as a mom, so when they spotted these tiny little squirrels who just lost their biological mother, they immediately turned to Pusha for help.

Mother cat adopts 4 squirrelsScreenshot, Inside Edition

Since baby squirrels are all born blind and depend a lot on their mothers for the first two or three months of their lives, having a caring mama to keep an eye on them will always be better than relying totally on humans. Needless to say, these little newborns were no exception at all.

Mother cat adopts 4 squirrelsScreenshot, Inside Edition

Thankfully, the loving cat did not say no after meeting those kids. She took them all in and raised her alongside her kittens. Looking at the way Pushed kneaded (made biscuits) all the time, it’s easy to see how much she enjoyed that unexpected motherhood.

Screenshot, Inside Edition

The baby squirrels fitted right in pretty fast too (they were also called kittens for a reason after all). They were a bit scared at first, but with the help of their mutual human friends, they quickly settled in and fell in love with their adoptive mama.
However, the cat mom had a little trouble breastfeeding all those children, so their caregivers had to step in and assist her sometimes.

Mother cat adopts 4 squirrelsScreenshot, Inside Edition

Let's take a look at this weird yet adorable big family:
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