22 Women Who Just Can't Live Like The Rest Of The World

Women are the most wonderful things in life. From being a good daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, and granddaughter, to being a caring grandmother, they have made this life more livable with their care, warmth, and their love. In addition to their sensitivity, women are weird and questionable beings as well. Many times, their friends, their partners, and their family members spot them doing women's things which makes them question, "Where does actually this woman come from?"
We have collected 22 pictures of women who just can't live like the rest of the world. There are many bizarre things women do that are very relatable. They are ranging from walking a banana on the street to eating a banana with a spoon. Scroll down to check out this list and enjoy. If you find your partner, your mom, or your sister on this list, share this list with them.

#1. Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse

Source: Grumpntug

#2. How a one-armed girl does humor...

Source: LillY-Dicky

#3. Woman spreading*. Feminism spreads its legs

Source: alexmix

#4. Woman takes a banana for a walk

Source: unknown / reddit

#5. Woman cosplayed as Sharknado at the Salt Lake Comic-Con; I have no words

Source: zer0limit7

#6. Girl, what did he do?

Source: skoochapp

#7. Handstands are not for everyone

Source: GallowBoob

#8. I'm a woman in construction, this is how I choose to eat bananas

Source: MissingHoney

#9. She's hungry

Source: ReverendJimi

#10. Clever girl

Source: vilcax

#11. Girl tries buying a wig and asked for a picture of someone wearing it, and this is what came back

Source: Sheepinator

#12. Sometimes I look presentable, but 90% of the time I resemble a butthole with eyelashes

Source: sophisopia

#13. Pool noodles have new purpose

Source: breguet

#14. POV - couples

Source: pyam_to_go

#15. Fart girl meets shart girl

Source: phoeab

#16. When there are two types of girls but you're both


#17. When girls upload pictures like this, they get thousands of likes, but when I do... everyone loses their minds

Source: IdanTs

#18. Woman asleep on the train

Source: No_one_SpeciaI

#19. Found this woman on the beach yesterday. I guess it's sea star mating season

Source: war3rd

#20. This drunk woman dropped her phone. She picked up her sandal instead and used her phone as the sandal

Source: Topham_Kek

#21. Just a responsible local girl on the metro in Seoul

Source: siloxanesavior

#22. Woman printed out 15 pages of Facebook posts so she could read the comments

Source: sporthub

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