22 Weird Yet Funny Things Found On Google Maps That’ll Make You Burst Into Laughter

Google Maps is a satellite map created by Google to replace traditional paper maps. With only your smartphone, you can now travel the world without getting lost. You can also stay at home and explore the world on a little screen. Have you ever wondered about the oddest places on the planet and voiced a desire to see them on television? Strange things can appear not far away, but just next to you. You will be surprised to see things that appear to be relatively ordinary but have a peculiar appearance on Google Maps.

We’ve compiled weird yet funny things found on Google Maps that’ll make you burst into laughter. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t forget to share them with your relatives. Have a good laugh, guy.

#1. My dog died a few years ago but when I look at google maps she’s still there chasing the street car.

Source: Briannagarciaa

#2. Caught my dog chilling in the main entrance of my house on google maps, it’s been over 1 year since he passed away

Source: jessiftp

#3. Caught the google car driver breaking the law

Source: iamyounotme444

#4. Say hi to Guinness

Source: DoctorNoname98

#5. Someone just hacked the planet

Source: HollywoodAndTerds

#6. Quick guys, get in formation

Source: deadbeatgeek

#7. These streets in Nova Scotia

Source: HAB927

#8. Thank you 360 view

Source: The_curious_one_here

#9. Chicago Poo Police

Source: UsefulMetal

#10. Boy falling off a bench found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Source: streetviewfails

#11. After an hour of looking along the west coast, I found a whale in the ocean on the west coast

Source: zfreakazoidz

#12. This Segway bus

Source: ProfSwagometry

#13. This dog’s blurred butt

Source: michael_treder

#14. Drug deal caught on google maps

Source: good_loot

#15. Imagine this moment of your life immortalized on Google maps forever

Source: Thisisfckngstupid

#16. Streetview censored this Cat for his privacy

Source: eddASU

#17. At least they had the decency to censor the legs

Source: i_am_shattered

#18. Just another night in St Petersburg Russia I guess

Source: No-Cold-1679

#19. Nice cloud in Slovakia

Source: TassiloBalbo

#20. The algorithm used to blur faces blurred the Statue of Liberty

Source: TassiloBalbo

#21. Apparently the fastest bus in existence on Google Maps--Seattle to Kyrgyzstan and back to Seattle in only 47 minutes

Source: smallteam

#22. Virgin Atlantic Photo-bombed the satellite image

Source: Garr52

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