22 Wacky Books That Will Make You Fall Off The Bookshelf Laughing

You've probably heard the saying 'don't judge a book by its cover', but when the cover bears the title 'Still Stripping After 25 Years', it's hard not to. Whether it's intentionally funny or that's exactly what the author intended, these wacky books and their covers are as attention-grabbing as they are worth reading. Emily has compiled them here for you to enjoy, so what are you waiting for? Let's scroll down and check them all out!
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#1. Apparently, there are a lot of games that you can play with your pussy...

Source: goodreads

#2. Bitches that everyone loves.

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#3. And going strong...

Source: NoJoCoCo

#4. Who can say no to cock and balls?

Source: Spank_Sop

#5. So, braille... Playboy:

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#6. A such strong love for God.

Source: mepper

#7. Ho-ho-ho.

Source: ascendescence

#8. I do, I do.

Source: goodreads

#9. Sounds yummy!

Wacky BooksSource: reddit

#10. It's true, you can't see him.

Wacky BooksSource: goodreads

#11. Do YOU?

Wacky BooksSource: iiSaveTxheN00bzii

#12. Who doesn't love pretty pussies...

Wacky BooksSource: flickr

#13. Hmm...

Wacky BooksSource: imgur

#14. "The self-hurt series"

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#15. Joseph Smets - Destroying children’s dreams since 1866.

Wacky BooksSource: Fooshei

#16. 10/10 would recommend it.

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#17. I mean... you are what you eat.

Wacky BooksSource: jambox888

#18. Fancy!

Source: goodreads

#19. Not only is this funny, but it's also totally correct.

Source: goodreads

#20. “Here Jimmy, just take grandpa’s rod”

Wacky BooksSource: Diriector_Doc

#21. I is for WHAT???

Wacky BooksSource: almostinbadtaste

#22. Oh...

Source: StraightDegan

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