22 Times Women Prove That All They Need Is One Tweet To Make Us Chuckle

Everything that men and women do is different. Our perspectives, narratives, and humor are utterly distinct. Therefore, it's cool to see that men find certain things hilarious while women don't. Some research even indicated that women found cartoons funnier and despised violent humor, but men found it amusing. And if there is one place where you can experience these distinct differences firsthand, it is Twitter. So it gave us such great pleasure to have scoured Twitter for these hilarious women's tweets and compiled them in one place for you to enjoy.
From businesswomen to stay-at-home moms, these women shared their thoughts and daily experiences to try and entertain anyone who would care to read their tweets. Interestingly, very often, it was not only women who could relate to and laugh at the things they shared. Even though this list features the funniest tweets written by female users over several years, those are still funny and relevant even today. So, let's dive into this list to find out how these hilarious women only need one tweet to make us all laugh; enjoy!

#1. I’d genuinely watch this though.

One TweetSource: JustJoeyJoeyJo

#2. Well, isn't the most important thing that should always be with you?

One TweetSource: eleanorclrke

#3. Ah. See, I just don't exercise.

Source: lacomtessejamie

#4. Oop-

Source: sixfootcandy

#5. Long story short: never buy the Galaxy Bath Bomb from Kroger.

Source: rebekahGbutler

#6. Amen

Source: DivaLaci

#7. *laughs in C-section*

Source: ShannonJCurtin

#8. Best. Explanation. Ever.

One TweetSource: aparnapkin

#9. "She wasn't like those other girls."

Source: clhubes

#10. *hysterically clicking the cancel subscription button*


#11. It also works if you're the older by 2 minutes twin as well.

One TweetSource: Coll3enG

#12. Rich people will call this a "personal assistant".

One TweetSource: Audrey_Burges

#13. They don't have to call me out like that.

One TweetSource: elle91

#14. One over here, and one just past the shoulder, and one behind your ear.

One TweetSource: AbbieEvansXO

#15. "Oh no"

Source: AbbieEvansXO

#16. And all the parents laughed and laughed.

One TweetSource: eeberquist

#17. Gotta love these backhanded compliments...

One TweetSource: MarciaBelsky

#18. Is it appropriate to ask how much they are willing to pay? Just for my business plan.

One TweetSource: TheDweck

#19. Dang onion-cutting ninjas!

One TweetSource: svershbow

#20. The second date seems out of question then.

One TweetSource: mesallyann

#21. Oh, sweet summer child!

One TweetSource: kidversations_

#22. Carry one around your waist at all times, that will work.

Source: jackiecarbajal

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