22 Times People On The Internet Totally, Savagely, 100% Nailed Their Response

There’s an old saying about Twitter: "Come for the tweets, stay for the genius, brutal, hilarious replies." Ok, fine, that’s not an old saying, and we just made it up just now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. But seriously, if you don't read Twitter for the comebacks, you're missing out on gems like these. There are a lot of great jokes coming out of Twitter on a daily basis, but the unsung heroes are the folks who have the perfect response to a serious tweet. And that's a skill that we all need to appreciate. So just keep scrolling as we present these people on the Internet who absolutely nailed it. The perfect thing to say was said; now it is art for all of us to enjoy!

#1. LOL.

Source: datassque

#2. Alright you ruined the game.

Source: CryptoKnowNothing

#3. Sameee.

Source: LeoKolade

#4. And he even called the banana peel a fvcking shell lmao.

Source: InTeezWeTrust

#5. “You caught me, I like to break a mental sweat too.”

Source: TheGingernational

#6. lil scooby doo sounds like a struggling rapper's name

Source: LeoBlakeCarter

#7. Amen!

Source: JTDaDream


Source: _jharold

#9. I love how my now most popular tweet is about vegan ticks:

Source: faguettte

#10. For real!

Source: mike_n30

#11. And there I was trying to translate it.

Source: FettyGainz

#12. No way, it woulda been violence.

Source: 1800buddha


Source: fatsoburgers

#14. The one that stands in front of Chick-Fil-A, but even then I'd question how tasty it was...

Source: onikallah

#15. Swear I ain't move from the tub till my fingers was wrinkled.

Source: theUNDRFTD

#16. You won Twitter today my guy.

People On The Internet

Source: indianschoolboi

#17. *Closes the incognito window in my browser and thinks about my life*

People On The Internet

Source: Tolerance

#18. No water? Just leave some ice out.

People On The Internet

Source: BabyNewport

#19. Congrats, you've reached peak laziness!

People On The Internet

Source: jakePsmith

#20. If only she was trying to make a barbecue outta him.

People On The Internet

Source: BIacknMild

#21. And she's a child so...

People On The Internet

Source: MelCLiu

#22. Exhibit A:

People On The Internet

Source: mmi5574

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