22 Times People Left Their Brains At Home When Checking Instructions

Is the user manual necessary? Before you answer the above question, I'd like to ask you one more: are you certain you'll build an item without consulting a manual or cook a dish without consulting a recipe? I believe you have your own response. Instructions are always an important component of ensuring the success of the ultimate product, and I believe that without them, all of the things in the store would be meaningless.
We compiled Instructions Unclear cases from the same-named subreddit to highlight cases of people who left their brains at home or had no access to them. Instructions Unclear is an expression used as a preface when joking about accidentally performing a dangerous or inappropriate action due to an absurd misunderstanding of directions. Check them out, and don't forget to share them with your family and friends. Are you ready? Let's get this party started.

#1. When am I supposed to take these ??

Source: slytherpuff25

#2. Is this what they meant?

Source: TopGearDanTGD

#3. You really don't want to see this in front of your house

Source: keith2301

#4. And Blue means

Source: renoscarab

#5. LIFEHACK: Use baking soda to clean your oven

Source: keith2301

#6. Need help with rat

Source: iLiveInyourTrees

#7. Fun jiu jitsu lesson

Source: YeetsForWeeks

#8. U think it’s supposed to say “You matter / don’t give up”

Source: Reddit

#9. This sign, telling you not to touch this bottle, can only be read by touching the bottle

Source: Reddit

#10. Things taken literally

Source: bmartin1989

#11. My BF bought a meat tenderizer mallet online and the instructions look like they've gone through five levels of Google translate

Source: kallyssea

#12. Keep the bag away from cheese

Source: SacoTheSnacko

#13. What about now?

Source: Subscribe_To_Lag135

#14. Ah yes, of course

Source: Dangerous_With_Rocks

#15. My phone screen protector did not come with instructions so I checked the back of the box

Source: Jedibbq

#16. The third warning on this diamond art box

Source: PreferredEnemy

#17. Instructions unclear, hanging from my horse

Source: malnox

#18. Don't Need Three Words

Source: stinkles555

#19. A classic

Source: dankmesti

#20. YEET the baby?

Source: TheGoldenBoi_

#21. Just do it!....or don't!

Source: DjFizz

#22. From home improvement on SNES

Source: dankboyo62

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