22 Times Nefarious Con Artists Became Fools While Trying To Rip People Off

Scams occur on a daily basis in a variety of formats. Fraud forms are growing increasingly sophisticated, particularly in the 4.0 era. Because these nefarious con artists have so many ways to achieve their goals, victims will never suspect. However, they will never pull the wool over your eyes; there will be negligent scammers who will make people notice the swindle. Most of us in this circumstance would block their phone number or Gmail account, but there is a handful enjoying taunting scammers. They pretend to be duped in order to taunt the fraudsters and give them no opportunity to fool others.
We've compiled a list of 22 times nefarious con artists became fools while trying to rip people off and result is absolutely hilarious. Trust me, you won't be able to stop giggling while watching them. Now let's scroll down below to check them out and enjoy!

#1. The person who potential homeowners surround

Source: sniperwolfjob

#2. Kevin

Source: sniperwolfjob

#3. If your first scam doesn't succeed, try again

Source: brooksy54321

#4. I had to be reminded

Source: Vi11agio-Xbox

#5. Omg they sent it again

Source: why_seal_why

#6. LOL

Source: The_Scooter_Boy

#7. How my buddy deals with scams

Source: xMrSaltyx

#8. I love messing with scammers

Source: OtekahSunshield

#9. Found in Tumblr

Source: Bitter_Jaguar_7914

#10. The person who told the scammer the rules of the top secret job

Source: RealRoosterhoot

#11. The person who gave a scammer all their info

Source: Reddit

#12. Bait Not Taken

Source: RealRoosterhoot

#13. If messing with scammers is wrong I don’t want to be right

Source: DanOfMystery

#14. The person who tried to see just how little scammers actually care about others

Source: Reddit

#15. The person who had their scammer literally ask where Earth is located

Source: The_Unknown_Dead

#16. They didn’t even try

Source: The_Unknown_Dead

#17. Kindly hit her with that UNO reverse card

Source: coreythebuckeye

#18. The person who bored a scammer into oblivion

Source: baramobacka

#19. The person who sent a scammer the best kind of payment

Source: pinkdaasies

#20. God this is great

Source: Cleetus_has_arrived

#21. The person who told a scammer exactly what they wanted

Source: gandhimahatma1

#22. Very bold

Source: vandaloLO

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