22 Times Genius Folks Managed To Win The System Without Breaking A Freakin' Rule

Get ready to bow down to the 22 genius folks who've managed to outsmart the system without breaking a single freakin' rule! These geniuses have taken winning to a whole new level by using their wit and cunning to get what they want. Move over rule-breakers, the real MVPs are here!
From getting freebies from loyalty programs to exploiting school policies, these individuals are the ultimate hustlers. One person even managed to get their gym membership for free by using the treadmill as a power source to charge their phone. Talk about multitasking! It just goes to show that if you're smart enough, you can navigate through the system like a pro. These folks are the true champions of the game, and they've proven that sometimes you need to bend the rules to win!

#1. Celebrating pride despite our HOA not allowing pride flags:

Source: memon17

#2. The HOA In My Friend’s Neighborhood Recently Threatened Her Neighbors With A Fine If They Didn’t Hide Their Trash Cans. This Is Their Solution

Source: kalinkabeek

#3. Shorts Are Now Deemed "Inappropriate" For Retail Counter Workers At USPS. Skorts Are Still Ok

Source: timmay106

#4. Now that deserves a letter of recommendation

Source: jimmypompom

#5. "My Mum Allowed Me To Put Any Flag On My Wardrobe Doors Except For The Pride Flag. So, 241 Flags Later"

Source: Chernyat

#6. So The NYC Subway Has Banned Dogs Unless They 'Fit In A Bag'. New Yorkers Got Creative

Source: Perfectlysanecatlady

#7. Belarus People React To Lukashenko's Prohibition Of Pro-Democratic Flags

Source: Massimo24ore

#8. This kid is going places!

Source: tinusxxl

#9. Good Boi Knows He's Not Allowed To Have Sticks Inside

Source: m33tRiley

#10. Satellite Dishes Are Strictly Forbidden

Source: rastroboy

#11. "My Kindergartener Was Feeling Proud Of This Solution To Her Homework"

Source: mortmorges

#12. "Sandwich Only Sits With My Wife, But I Think I Found A Way To Beat The System"

Source: Swaggamuffins

#13. "Told This Guy I Only Date People 6 Feet Or Up And He Sent Me This"

Source: Syrrruh

#14. And at age 27, he thought he'd outgrown homework.

Source: haskinselizondo

#15. If You Have A Stain On Your Shirt, Outline The Stain With A Pen And Give It A Name. This Will Make It Seem Like You Visited A Random Island

Source: life_lamp

#16. Why?

Source: RavelOnePiece

#17. Well played, sir!

Source: TetraCGT

#18. Playing Outside

Source: Palana

#19. "Teacher Said We Are Allowed To Bring Single Side Paper For Notes During Final"

Source: Jack114555

#20. This company insists that all drinks must be served in a cup with a straw

Source: egglessomlette

#21. When walking on the grass is forbidden, but the sign says nothing about crawling!

Source: overkil6

#22. When you've been banned from entering a stadium, but are desperate to see the game:

Source: reddit

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