22 Times A Username Checked Out And Results Are Absolutely Hilarious

Every day, hundreds of disputes take place on social media forums. And have you ever accidentally come across a person who appears in a post with a username relevant to the topic at hand? I'm sure the answer is 'Yes'. Username Checks Out is a common catchphrase used on Reddit to point out when someone makes a comment that seems to complement their online handle. It denotes a user responding to a social media post or comment whose username is contextually relevant to the topic of discussion at hand, especially when it happens by chance and the commenter is ignorant of the link being made.

We’ve compiled 22 times a username 'checked out' appearing in the proper comment section at the right time, as shared by ‘UsernameChecksOut’ Reddit Group. They are absolutely hilarious to keep you entertained all day. Now scroll down below to check them out and don’t hesitate to share them with your friends. Let’s get started!

#1. Name Checks Out

Source: jxryd

#2. A Proud Pop

Source: jxryd

#3. Potato

Source: IcaneC

#4. Hmmm!

Source: Reddit

#5. You Took My Family

Source: concretebeats

#6. Finally

Source: Snootastic

#7. He Explained It Wrong

Source: frthoughwhy

#8. Oops

Source: marcyayala13

#9. Are You Serious?

Source: ahahtsa

#10. Are You Challenging Me?

Source: TheWetNapkin

#11. Dave’s Username Checks Out

Source: Sam_aunethla

#12. Never Truly Safe

Source: TheBowlCutBoi

#13. I Needed A Title

Source: Mindless_Forever5805

#14. The FBI Is Onto Us

Source: BloodDReaper

#15. Church V Jesus Round 1 Commence Idk I Don’t Watch Boxing Or Wrestling


#16. Definitely Checks Out


#17. A Double Whammy

Source: kpat_1567

#18.The Best One I've Seen Yet LOL

Source: AWildGamerAppeared25

#19.The Cause Of 2020

Source: Za_nsh

#20. 2 Together!

Source: mastermithi29

#21. Did That Sting M8?

Source: SavageCabbage_YEET

#22.The Anti-UWU

Source: CadeTheFrogger

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