22 Restaurant Fails That Will Make You Want to Stick to Drive-Thru Burgers

Get ready to laugh (and possibly cringe) as we take a hilarious tour of the 22 biggest restaurant fails of all time. From waiters who can't seem to find their way to the table, to chefs who burn everything they touch, these eateries are truly a disaster zone.
From cultural misunderstandings to plate designs that never look clean, these are some of the ridiculous design choices on this list. So, without further ado, let's laugh along as we present this hilarious hand-picked collection of ridiculous design choices; enjoy!

#1. This painting inside a local “fancy” restaurant:

Source: hotdogfinatic

#2. This Polish restaurant - Three Cooks:

Source: QuiZr

#3. A different kind of nose job:

Source: reddit

#4. Fish are friends, not food LOL:

Source: oddmatter

#5. Glad he didn't order soup then...

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#6. Does anyone want some Thai food?

Are you kitten me?

Source: ItsAllenPalin


Source: Foobar85

#8. “Let's just make our plates look like they haven’t been washed in 4 years”

Source: RCoder01

#9. Waiters "love" it!

Source: September89

#10. "I think I'll wait."

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#11. Well, at least they are honest that the design isn't theirs.

Source: korneplod_turneps

#12. This restaurant for cannibals:

Source: Skwonkie_

#13. "Now I’m concerned about health standards in this restaurant..."

Source: SamwiseGamg33

#14. "Menu around a wooden stick. There was absolutely no explanation or purpose to it."

Source: jookz

#15. No alcohol beyond this point.

Source: Buttons_Magee

#16. Simple impeccable water flows with this restaurant's bathroom sink:

Source: kyranvulpes

#17. No, this picture isn't blurry... The menu is.

Source: xXxM0RPH3USxXx

#18. Poor taste.

Source: dftitterington

#19. "Seen at a restaurant in a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles."

Source: reddit

#20. This restaurant’s logo that looks like a health grade:

Source: drobinow

#21. "Not sure whether I‘m at a restaurant or a gay bar..."

Source: Criminalpeacocks

#22. The irony!

Source: sndebrosse

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