22 Photos That Require A Lot Of Brainpower To Understand

As the quote goes, "The world is full of surprises." "You just need to know where to look." And while this can be true on many occasions, sometimes you don’t need to focus anywhere because a unique occurrence steals your attention no matter what. For example, if someone dressed like Pikachu walks into the subway, you won’t be able to help but notice and stare. And things like this draw our attention without too much effort. Or even require a lot of brainpower to understand.
Therefore, for years, Reddit users have been sorting images into two categories: "blessed" and "cursed." But not any longer—at least not until now. There is a new category that combines the two, and it is called blursed images. So let's keep reading as we present some of the most cursed photos that will bring you joy and comfort while also creeping you out or confusing the heck out of you. And we hope this post makes your week a little brighter because nothing beats starting the week with a laugh; enjoy!

#1. Uhm... I have several questions...

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: Faith_SC

#2. "Approved, thank you"

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: living_majority

#3. When college students can't afford new clothes...

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: flextapeurlife

#4. "Day 78. They still aren't suspecting a thing..."

Source: axileNiobite77

#5. Best jeanist

Source: thiccmlgnoscope

#6. Look at that smile!

Source: tetanicWave999

#7. Thirst place. Well done!

Source: mrhoppy_

#8. "Hey lick this pole!"

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: ireallycantonese

#9. Peekabooty!

Source: drippin_honey

#10. Well, that's a pro here!

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: Redman22222

#11. Expectations vs. reality:

Source: aomusik

#12. Polyamorous folks: Hold our bees!

Source: blanchettneon

#13. Wait... What happened to the other kittens?

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: FukaiMorii

#14. Grandma's: oh my little baby will love this.

Source: symentium

#15. Blursed Lego

Source: New-Pineapple-9410

#16. Wha..?

Source: stif_chedar

#17. Man knows his next victim.

Source: TruckFluster

#18. "За Хогвартс и двор стреляю в упор епта"

Source: RoastedYT

#19. Corns

Source: DaddyChiiill


Source: CTbay

#21. When you realized that's an airbag...

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: OK-Im-Saitaman

#22. The perfect man doesn't exi-

Brainpower To UnderstandSource: Ratha-_-8585

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