22 Of The Best Camouflage Photos That'll Play Tricks On You

To survive in the wild, animals have developed camouflage mechanisms. These animals are usually smaller or slower than the carnivores that surround them. This is a really effective mechanism, and when they are camouflaged, you will never be able to identify them. If we look closely, we can sometimes see things around us that are so skillfully camouflaged that we don't recognize them at first glance. Perhaps it is at that point that we realize our sight has tricked us.
We've compiled a list of 22 of the best camouflage photos that'll play tricks on you, as shared on ''Accidental Camouflage' group. We're confident you'll giggle when you understand what's in disguise. Scroll down to have a good laugh. Enjoy!

#1. Really?

Source: sopadebombillas

#2. Unusually fat cat

Source: Kampf-krapfen

#3. Perfect Camouflage

Source: porn_trooper

#4. We thought our son had got out of bed himself

Source: wwlddarm7

#5. Dog napping on a bear blanket

Source: BMichael919

#6. This perfect camouflage makes me feel that this owl ịs carved

Source: Hauntologist2

#7. My bird matched the avocados pretty well

Source: SamaadiScott

#8. Black cat and a black rug with eyes

Source: Mapcats

#9. Was told I should post this here... picked up this little guy and this is where he chose to lay

Source: _Geiger

#10. My wife wore the right jacket at the right time

Source: Purp_Skurp_349

#11. Is this heaven?

Source: physicalord111

#12. My all-time favorite rug

Source: pg_99

#13. My mom felt that this outlet should match the rocks

Source: newherel

#14. My friend found an invisible cat in Greece

Source: dickfacecat

#15. This kid's head

Source: lauch_btw

#16. My full cup of milk made the cup look upside down

Source: PapaMutt

#17. Oops! The tallest bus in the world

Source: Reddit

#18. Is there something on the floor?

Source: pakartidur

#19. V O I D kitty

Source: ElMac65

#20. That escalated quickly

Source: ImaginaryFriendster

#21. She perfectly matched the court

Source: Reddit

#22. Making sandwiches will be easier if we get a new kitchen countertop soon

Source: m83live

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