22 Odd And Crazy Designs That Should Go Straight To Hell

Ideas never cease to appear. When you feel stuck or run out of ideas, they may pop into your head. But you ignore them because you believe they are impossible to carry out. That, we believe, is the distinction between a person and an artist. Artists will never dismiss an idea, no matter how ridiculous it seems. However, when creativity spirals out of control, the outcome is disastrous. The following instances of odd and crazy designs will prove this.
Here are some odd and crazy designs that should go straight to hell. They’ll make you cringe, we promise. Are you ready? Take a look at them below and have a good laugh. Let's get started!

#1. Interesting

Source: koladaminer

#2. Are you serious?

Source: SprinklesPublic

#3. How to get killed by Police 101

Source: Reddit

#4. Urinating dachshund building decor

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#5. Pokeman McDonald's pin

Source: The_Silver_Lynx

#6. I was told this should live here

Source: Komplexs

#7. I was told you guys would like this

Source: anxious-orange-juice

#8. Me: I’m having issues projecting my voice Barber: Say no more

Source: oistr

#9. Why would you order that tho?


#10. This Baby Yoday toothpaste dispenser

Source: bailey_turnbow

#11. These toilet cleaning things make your toilet even messier looking

Source: CyberMonkeytron3000

#12. These toilet cleaning things make your toilet even messier looking

Source: KaputoManuto

#13. One of the drawers at my doctor’s office that always annoys me

Source: UpUp_DownDown_LR_BA

#14. Shizuoka City has some ‘interesting’ sculptures

Source: Will-Conroy

#15. Optical illusion

Source: XanJamZ

#16. My petite box

Source: Ok_Station_6703

#17. Blobfish Supra

Source: Reddit

#18. It’s difficult to know if the filter or tap is selected unless I turn on the water

Source: TheHighClasher

#19. I’m speechless

Source: Popal24

#20. The post was built after the house was

Source: Popal24

#21. These stairs

Source: skalamabirdy2

#22. An emo duck

Source: 2Tayco2Flayco

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