22 Memes And Jokes That Perfectly Summed Up The 2022 FIFA World Cup

It's finally done and dusted after Argentina defeated France to lift the trophy and became champion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This winter in Qatar was flaming with thrilling games that sent hearts on roller coaster rides. The final closed with the victory coming to Messi but did not seal away Mbappe's phenomenal performance.Even though the biggest soccer season on the planet came to an end, fans feel the aftertaste clinging to their chests.
As the World Cup was one of the most unpredictable and eventful in history, there were a handful of hilarious memes and jokes about it. From players and referees to audiences and hosts, from the hat trick to the missed penalty, these memes bring out the best.
Here's a round-up of some memes about FIFA World Cup 2022 that made us all laugh out loud. Be sure to check them out!

#1. Messi can finally rest and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe

memes about FIFA World Cup 2022Source: ESPN

#2. Well, at least he’s still the GOAT, isn't he?

memes about FIFA World Cup 2022Source: TrollFootball

#3. That's how you play the beautiful game, bro.

Memes And JokesSource: ellabrockway

#4. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Final

memes about FIFA World Cup 2022Source: dreyesceron

#5. "Now this is the sequel we’d love to see"

Memes And JokesSource: stardustreader

#6. "Me too"

Memes And JokesSource: TrollFootball

#7. Congratulations Messi from another dimension

Source: Lowcostcosplay

#8. Sometimes fans have to console each other. Argentina fans to French fans:

Memes And JokesSource: internet

#9. Emi Martinez's trademark Golden Glove celebration

Memes And JokesSource: goal

#10. Manchester United players are rocking this World Cup

Memes And JokesSource: TrollFootball

#11. Nobody saw it coming

Memes And JokesSource: brfootball

#12. That feeling...

Memes And JokesSource: brfootball

#13. Samba dance moves

Source: TrollFootball

#14. Uh oh

Source: ftblcrew_memes

#15. This hits

Memes And JokesSource: internet

#16. Spain on a bus

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#17. This photo has never been so fitting...

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#18. Saudi Arabia will remember this for good.

Memes And JokesSource: TheFootballMemez

#19. Cleaners want Japan to be a finalist

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#20. When World Cup Is Life

Memes And JokesSource: thegoaheadgoal

#21. This is a meme every true football fan agrees with.

memes about FIFA World Cup 2022Source: gw_comedy

#22. Italy is ready for the World Cup

memes about FIFA World Cup 2022Source: TrollFootball

Are you a fan of the Argentina national soccer team and Messi? Congratulations, if you are! If you're not, let's look forward to a future where your favorite team and players triumph! Remember to like and share this piece with your soccer buddies, leave a comment in the box below, and click to read more entertaining content on our site!
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