22 Hilariously Useless Yet Impressive Talents Shared by Redditors

Let's face it, not all of us can be talented musicians or world-class dancers. But that's okay because we all have unique talents, even if they are often dismissed as useless. However, don't write off these skills just yet; they can still be entertaining and impressive!

That's why today we're celebrating the most useless yet impressive talents that Redditors have shared with the world. From being able to create detailed drawings with both hands simultaneously to balancing items on their nose, these talents may not have any practical use, but they're still impressive nonetheless. It's incredible to see the variety of strange and quirky talents people possess, such as one individual's ability to flawlessly recite every word of the movie "Shrek" or another's knack for imitating the sound of a dial-up modem. These may not help them in their everyday lives, but they can certainly entertain and delight those around them.

So, whether it's being able to contort their bodies in unusual ways or reciting a tongue-twister at lightning speed, we applaud these individuals for embracing their unique talents and sharing them with the world. Without further ado, let's dive into the world of useless yet impressive talents and see what surprises await us!

#1. How to tell apart various language writings:

Source: lalala253

#2. How to make a Grim Reaper puppet using your sleeve and hand:

Source: VengarTheRedditor

#3. How to make an amazing sofa fort.

Source: ElMasChingon-JoshEMC

#4. How to make a shadow turtle.

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: 1Blackleaf

#5. How to gird up your loins when the wedding party is over:


#6. Learn how to draw a sheep.

Source: hufflestork

#7. The gentleman's guide to amputation


Source: PillowDan

#8. Become the master of shadows with these simple steps (plus it's a cool title for your resume).

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: BouquetOfDogs

#9 How to make a quick escape:

Source: Ktr0x

#10. How to make a stapler mandala.

Source: aloofloofah

#11. How to float:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: Omith12

#12. How to make a pants backpack:

Source: XenobiaXD

#13. How to bounce a dinner roll

Source: slayrslay

#14. How to shake ankles:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: gridzbispudvetch

#15. How to split the last donut:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: Rasrockey19

#16. How to properly peel a post-it note from the stack:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: Real_Floop

#17. How to beatbox.

Source: Leonlg

#18 How to fold a plastic bag properly. Not just scrunch it up into a ball.

Source: Oceanlyric

#19 How to turn your cat into a bunny

Source: Minifig81

#20. How to casually get in the water as a big man:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: Dwn_Wth_Vwls

#21. How to be a table:

Useless Yet Impressive Talents Source: ambertino

#22. How to make a paper boat out of a toilet paper roll:

Source: superboyk

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