22 Hilarious Photos That Show How Unpredictably Wholesome Relationships Can Be

What keeps a relationship or a marriage healthy, happy, and full of endless possibilities? You guessed it, it’s humor. Humor and playfulness are very important when it comes to keeping the spark in a relationship alive and turning it into a roaring fire. They make the good times great and the bad times not so bad. Now show you how unpredictably wholesome relationships can be, we have collected some of the wittiest and most hilarious examples of their antics, pranks, and jokes from folks in their relationships. Let's scroll down to check these hilarious relationships out!
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#1. “It was a bad idea for a third date. Looking back I still can’t believe she married me.”

Source: Dry-Recognition-2626

#2. “When we first met, she told me she could eat 4 lunch sets in 1 sitting. I got tired of her talking so I’m forcing her to do it.”

Source: yoimjessica

#3. “I was standing up, taking a photo of my girlfriend in the sea, then realized so was every other Instagram boyfriend.”

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: Lewy-G

#4. “Photos I take of my boyfriend vs. Photos he takes of me”

Source: s-poon

#5. "I also asked my wife to cut my hair"

Source: mannimosity

#6. “My boyfriend is a web developer and it’s his birthday next week.”

Source: Atarisrocks

#7. “My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer.”

Source: adam_philip

#8. "My wife asked me if I wanted half her Twix. She thinks this is a game."

Source: Actuarial

#9. “Just surprised my girlfriend and this is what happened.”

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: PacoSZN

#10. “My husband likes to play Jenga in the fridge.”

Source: Tasty-Pitch

#11. “This is a Valentine’s Day card I made for my boyfriend.”

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: Reddit

#12. “My 21-year-old boyfriend made his first pot of coffee this morning.”

Source: kyie734

#13. GF: "Your beard shavings are making the sink look dirty."

Source: Gahrenn

#14. “I gave my girlfriend a set of keys to my apartment today.”

Source: Brunoyouknow

#15. “I was wondering why my wife was giggling when she asked me to change the air filters.”

Source: AelyneMB

#16. "We went picnic"

Source: Alyssa Snodsmith

#17. “How my girlfriend ‘handled’ a spider, and is too scared to clean it up.”

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: nomadwannabe

#18 "Dramatic AF"

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: yassjoon

#19 "He was making sure they… stayed fresh"

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: glohanys

#20. "Had minor surgery today. My husband didn't want to take any chances so he wrote instructions on my arms and legs."

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: a2susan

#21. "Last night I told my boyfriend, who is a Coke fan, that I like Pepsi Next. This is what I found when I got home today."

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: Imgur

#22. "So my sister got goalie gloves for Christmas from her boyfriend for 'being a keeper'..."

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: slizzers

#23. "The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize."

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: Nessie_Assassin

#24. How her boyfriend "took care of her" when she got blacked out:

Wholesome RelationshipsSource: marissanpadilla

What is the best part about being in a relationship? How do you usually make fun of your other half? Please tell us more in the comments below!
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