22 Hilarious Life Fails That You Don't Get to See Everyday

Think you're having a bad day? Casting your eyes over this set of life fails will make you feel better about your existence. People on the web have shared their most thigh-slapping and frustrating life fails for the world to see, and their captions only add comedy value to their misfortune. From factory workers who have dropped hundreds of eggs on the floor to stupid signs, this online gallery proves some people are having a much worse day than you are.
Since there is nothing that will make you feel instantly better than laughing at other life fails, let's get some laughs by scrolling down and checking them all out; enjoy!

#1. "Because beer won't carry itself"

Source: marhba

#2. Guess who had his door cut in half as punishment for slamming the door.

Source: damoul

#3. Do you think my lunch is done?

Source: therealbluejuce


Source: Unknown/Reddit

#5. What a Monday.

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#6. Ah, sh*t!

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#7. Ahhhh!!!

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#8. Wet dream.


#9. Dick head:


#10. Who's the burger now b*tch?!

Source: SuckMyTikTok

#11. :3


#12. "Almost as bad as a lego, almost..."


#13. Oh sh*t

Source: _gvvs

#14. "Hi-YAH!"

Source: Snake_Bomber

#15. Sh*t happens

Source: reckontalk

#16. Well at least she has a sense of humor about it... that or she's very afraid of him

Source: PizzaClap

#17. "When its ur first day on the job and u really want to impress your boss..."

Source: SudhirKr

#18. LOL

Source: BotsMan

#19. Hmm...

Source: klyker

#20. Make up your mind...

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#21. "Damn I fell for it..."

Source: madmoola

#22. Whoops!

Source: uma-diva-bruxesca

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