22 Hilarious "It's Not Stupid If It Works" Moments (But These Look REALLY Stupid)

Let's be real. We've all had those moments where we've come up with an idea that looks incredibly stupid but surprisingly ends up being incredibly functional. And that's where the age-old saying comes into play: "If it looks stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!" Now, there's no denying that really stupid things are easy to spot, and they often look like total wrecks. But what about those instances where something that seems completely ridiculous actually does the job? Does that make it less stupid? Well, in our view, it certainly does. After all, it's okay to look silly or act a little foolish from time to time, as long as you're getting the results you want.
Speaking from personal experience, there have been countless times when I've come up with ideas that looked way, way dumb but turned out to be incredibly effective. So, while these concepts might appear to be the epitome of idiocy, they're really just in the "mediocre dumb" category. And we're constantly bombarded with pressure to be perfect, to have everything together, and to never make mistakes, if a silly idea gets the job done, then go ahead and embrace the "mediocre dumb." Who knows, you might just surprise yourself with how effective your seemingly stupid idea turns out to be!

#1. Why cook one when you can cook all of them at once:

Source: yaplakal

#2. Or just put it in a pan.

Source: zDraxi

#3. Deskzoned.

Source: l_ambert

#4. Is that a f*cking Pop-tart???

Source: batona

#5. But why tho?

Source: d19p4plxg0u3gz

#6. Ain't it looks stupid?

Source: d19p4plxg0u3gz

#7. Is that a casket?

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#8. Did you try turning it on?

Source: WholsRichie

#9. "Consider it done!"

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#10. thanks. I'll pass.

Source: ctrpt

#11. The secret ingredient is tetanus and powder coating:

Source: CountrymanR60

#12. "I’m on a budget but we can still make it work."

Source: brandon31111120

#13. "...but it works"

Source: tcuniverse

#14. Just nasty...

Source: thechive

#15. You dare?

Source: akamaized

#16. I have no words.

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#17. Black N Pepper:

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#18. LMAO.

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#19. He's gonna regret it.

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#21. LMAO.

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#22. So this is what is made for.

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