22 Funny Tooth Fairy Stories Parents Fail To Tell Their Kids

Kids losing teeth would be so much catastrophe without fantastic myths like the tooth fairy. A little child has lost the first tooth, and it's time for the much-anticipated visit from the gorgeous fairy. Every young boy and girl loves the tooth fairy. Their magic is right up there with Santa and the Easter bunny and marks the moment to celebrate our sweet little angels becoming big kids with a tiny, special treat.

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Thanks to the tooth fairy, children are excited to see the loss of their milk teeth. In addition, many parents enjoy the excitement and can't wait to tell their little sons and daughters how much the tooth fairy appreciates their teeth. Still, occasionally, things don't go as well as they imagine. Some kids just have such weird ideas about the tooth fairy, which confuse their families.
Add to the fun of the tooth fairy coming with our compilation of the funniest tweets about the tooth fairy!

#1. Business kid

Source: @robdelaney

#2. Negotiate with Tooth Fairy

Source: @Savarese_MiaArt

#3. Tooth fairies have seen it all.

Source: @seanmmmiller

#4. No mo'!

Source: @LaurelRosenhall

#5. Smart kid

Source: @johnlevenstein

#6. Pump the price is the first rule of the fairy club.

Source: @marascampo

#7. The most legit of magical creatures

Source: @RogueDadMD

#8. Disney, write this down!

Source: @copymama

#9. Still better than glitter

Source: @whinecheezits

#10. And when you've grown & have to have a tooth removed, you have to pay the tooth fairy (dentist) to do it!

Source: @XplodingUnicorn

#11. Use left hand and tiny letters + little drawings

Source: @natsechobbyist

#12. Financially struggling while so young.

Source: @cydbeer

#13. Oh no

Source: @tap_1_0

#14. Whatever fairies...

Source: @michaelbtomlin

#15. Indeed

Source: @sarabellab123

#16. It sounds like a good plot for a horror movie

Source: @henmack

#17. The bar has been set!!

Source: @MapleSweetheart

#18. He doesn't have time for the tooth fairy

Source: @IDontSpeakWhine

#19. That’s an excellent attitude.

Source: @XplodingUnicorn

#20. Tooth fairy's odor

Source: @brookebreit

#21. Don't you ever ask!!

Source: @Dad_At_Law

#22. That kid worked his/her best.

Source: internet

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