22 Funny Stories Of Single People Getting Rejected By Cupid While Trying To Mingle

Clumsy daters are always hilarious. Even though it's heartbreaking for those suffering from bad dates, stories about the worst romantic nights are tempting people to read. Nowadays, most young people try to find their other half through help from dating apps or friends' recommendations. Of course, nobody can foresee what will happen when these fellows first date somebody they didn't know or even met before.

Source: LovePanky (photo used for illustration)

Bad dates are a weird flavor to our love life. It's like tasting mustard mixed with turmeric flour and dipped into soy sauce. Nobody favors it, but they now have something interesting about romance to tell. As time passes, souvenirs about horrible mingling attempts become a gold mine for rib-tickling chitchat.
We have collected some cupid-saying-no-way tales shared on the internet that will rock your laughing bones! Don't miss them!

#1. Dating the prank guy

Source: marshmallowz7824

#2. No second chance

Source: Iamnotyourbanana

#3. A short date

Source: savemejebus0

#4. Her way of saying "I'm not to be messed around"

Source: hunterfam55

#5. Don't ever punch anything on a date!

Source: InsecurePokemon

#6. Intense kissing

Source: JacksCologne

#7. Shy...

Source: reddit

#8. That sounds like one of those weird pick-up artist techniques

Source: PlainJane23

#9. An embarrassing memory

Source: ChoppyChug

#10. It was awful for many reasons, and it still wasn't her worst first date.

Source: @ElenaBjxrn

#11. Still find it funny?

Source: FrightenedOfSpoons

#12. How about saying her eyes are beautiful?

Source: Ferrian11

#13. Spicy date

Source: bearjcc

#14. Why not try another fruit?

Source: nutellatime

#15. Ranking a date

Source: erin_baile

#16. The date that costs an arm and a leg

Source: confusedthrwawayxx

#17. When she asks for the phone number

Source: mox44ah

#18. When you date an awkward grammar police

Source: fantazja1

#19. Uh-oh

Source: brumbyforbreakfast

#20. Mama boy

Source: KatEyes1990

#21. Report him to his wife!

Source: Okie69R

#22. Hello, folks!

Source: trialobite

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