22 Failed Designs That Were Exposed To The Public Without Anyone Noticing

We, the customers, want designers to sketch product concepts. The product on the sketch matches the visualization of the product in our heads. However, regardless of how eager you are to hand over the product and receive comments on the design, these designs must be objectively reviewed by three people, four people, or even 100 people. Design is essentially subjective, and not all points of view are equal. If everyone comes to the same conclusion, it is almost certainly the final word on the design. Pre-launch product reviews are critical, and if you can't get enough individuals to give you good feedback, the online community will not tolerate them if they are failed designs.
We've compiled a list of 22 failed designs that were exposed to the public without anyone noticing. Scroll down to check them out, and don't forget to share them with your family and friends. Let's get started!

#1. The mastermind who saw this carpet pattern and thought. This would be perfect on some stairs

Source: Pretend_Air_1108

#2. Poor little Jesus

Source: u/Pteti

#3. The designer was thinking so far outside the box while creating this shirt that they didn't even bother to think inside it

Source: SpeedDreaming

#4. The designer of these Daredevil covers was so close to perfection but missed the mark

Source: Reddit

#5. This person who very enthusiastically thinks orange juice is a nondairy milk substitute

Source: Random_Average_Human

#6. This designer who thought "wish" sounded more like "meowy" than, oh, I don't know..."merry"?

Source: TheFreakingPrincess

#7. The person who printed this "Not in use" sign that makes my brain feel like it's also out of order

Source: Mellibuuuu

#8. The person who put up this sign said, "Unit E? I don't know her

Source: sirskiddledims

#9. The person who designed this banner, which, tbh, started off alright but rapidly went downhill

Source: dead_grandma_

#10. The person who was trying to make a cute logo but instead summoned the Antichrist, HELL BABY!

Source: Hopeful_Relative_494

#11. The person who thought that painting this on some stairs would magically make them wheelchair accessible

Source: casperfk

#12. The person who put up these signs that will have me whispering, "Please the beans" out of context for the next five years

Source: azreufadot

#13. The genius who designed this pan that doesn't work properly unless something is already in it

Source: dingopringo93

#14. The person who hung up this sign that I think might be gaslighting me???

Source: Due_Young_1204

#15. OK, there's a lot to unpack about who made this sign, from its very questionable message to the absolute insistence on using the same “O” for “your” and “on,” even though it does, in fact, not really work

Source: Crowdie_

#16. The person who picked a red-flag location for a real estate office

Source: wanderingbrother

#17. The person who wrote this expiration date basically said, "IDK bestie, figure it out

Source: Reddit

#18. The person who designed these bathroom stall trash cans, who seemingly wants you to toss your trash and terrify the person next to you:

Source: chonkey_nugget

#19. The mastermind who came up with this slogan

Source: Ikbeneenpaard

#20. The alien from outer space who designed this world map, because I genuinely don't know how anyone else could be this confused

Source: Holzweg34

#21. The person who decided to make the switch to compostable cups but didn't quite test them out first

Source: WoooshIfSmallPenis

#22. The genius who designed this lock, in which the only two options are "unlocked" and "even more unlocked"

Source: FoxAnarchy

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