22 Examples Of Petty Revenge That Will Leave You Satisfied

Even something as little as making fun of the way a person talks can ruin their day. When you are angry, you have two options: turn a blind eye or take revenge. Because we humans are the pettiest species on the planet, we're confident you'll take your vengeance on those assholes. Maybe after we have our vengeance, we'll be just as bad as they are, but keep in mind that not every hurtful action deserves jail time. Examples of petty revenge below will show that.
We do not condone petty revenge, but we must emphasize that there should be suitable punishments for assholes in some circumstances. These are some examples of petty revenge that will leave you satisfied. They are the reasons why you should never be a jerk to other people. What exactly are you waiting for? Scroll down to check them out and have a good laugh. Let's get started!

#1. Awesome mom

Source: ArtIsMyPorn

#2. Some men just want to watch the world burn

Source: l10barge

#3. Revenge is a dish best not served

Source: Canberra Notice Board Group

#4. Petty Betty

Source: roastmalone_Report


#5. I would have done the same

Source: da_drought_3

#6. This is how you end up in hell

Source: PoolSharkPete

#7. The power of mums

Source: Charalanahzard

#8. Easy solution

Source: brown__hijabii

#9. Getting my roommate to clean

Source: austinlockedup

#10. Thwaites Brewery in England told workers it was cutting 60 staff. My dad's mates worked as electricians there and shorted the lights in retaliation

Source: stiggle13

#11. This is so me

Source: monschleichs

#12. This is so me

Source: sehnaoui

#13. This is gold

Source: boomboombetty

#14. Did he even remember

Source: gen3stang

#15. “Screw your time I’ll exercise in the street” is an entire mood

Source: kristen_arnett

#16. I really hope it was her name in comic sans

Source: _breyonnn

#17. Genius

Source: rnaryah

#18. My Mom couldn't find Google chrome so I did this

Source: sageoftheend

#19. What a power move

Source: clarinetnerd17

#20. Let's review

Source: clarinetnerd17

#21. I like her style

Source: Megatronic13

#22. How to get revenge 101

Source: pm_me_your_severum

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