22 Emotional Photos That'll Make You Want To Give A Hug To Everyone

Have you ever been in a situation where someone hugged you with both arms and that melted your heart? There are many heartwarming moments in life that can melt the coldest heart. However, the media feeds us a lot of negative news to gain more views every day, which causes us to think that this life only consists of bad things. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you the bright side of life through emotional photos that will remind you there are still good things in life.
Below are some emotional photos of people or even animals we have collected. We are sure that after seeing these touching photos, you'll want to hug everyone in the world. Now, let's scroll down to check them out for yourself. Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite pictures.

#1. Saddest expression ever. Pippa after her bath

Source: bryanleephotos

#2. A powerful photo I took of my husband holding our newborn


He had driven 8 hours to be there for her birth after witnessing his dad lose his battle with cancer only 48 Hours earlier. So much emotion is conveyed in his posture here.

#3. My great-aunt sees her best friend from her teens, they haven't seen each other since 1962 her reaction was adorable

Source: bashya

#4. He did a great job, didn’t he?

Source: Unique_Language5758

#5. As my grandpa's Alzheimers progresses, he can't quite remember who my grandma is, but you can tell that he still loves her. Here he is teasing her by pretending to fall asleep on her

Source: mikeyjamjams

#6. My grandparents won first place at their senior center

Source: Danny9000

#7. My Great Grandmother turned 102 last week. she's still got it!

Source: norrajthemirage3

#8. What BBQs are like when you're 30 and single

Source: ebarela

#9. On one hand, I finally got a job. On the other, they took my soul

Source: StuartFarstrider

#10. My grandpa seeing his navy commander again for the first time in a long time

Source: SendMeASelfie

#11. Argentina’s emotional victory over France in the World Cup

Source: noodlemcfoodle

#12. Today I celebrate the 2-year anniversary of breaking off my front tooth... by breaking off the new one on a piece of frickin' bacon

Source: ohhgeee

#13. Dad's strong emotions at child's birth

Source: shahidhanif0

#14. Met another bionic and decided to swap limbs

Source: RonakDoshi

#15. My Dad has been in prison since I was 6 months old. I'm now almost 26 and on Monday, October 29th my Dad was released from prison. Here we are hugging at the first breakfast we've ever had together

Emotional PhotosSource: That1Girl

#16. Little food pantry, Seattle

Emotional PhotosSource: Tumbleweedenroute

#17. So my roommate and I spent Valentine's Day together...

Emotional PhotosSource: colinwilliam

#18. Everyone should be as happy as this dog

Emotional PhotosSource: Jakeus22

#19. Emotional WWII veteran at a Victory Day parade in Russia (May 9th)

Emotional PhotosSource: nimrodrool

#20. A mother is overwhelmed with emotion as her son with autism bonds with a service dog

Emotional PhotosSource:

#21. A friend took this photo of my daughter and me a few days ago. I thought it captured my emotions well after having gone a whole year without seeing her. Soon I'll get to spend as much time with her as I want!

Emotional PhotosSource: the_Gonz

#22. My boyfriend and I got engaged over the weekend. Here is a photo of us minutes after it happened. I don't know who's more emotional: me, or my mom.

Emotional PhotosSource: freckledsmile

Did the above emotional photos melt your heart? If you still need something wholesome to brighten your day and provide an extra oomph of energy, positivity and laughter, check out this article.
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