21 Wholesome Moments That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

Life can be hard at times. It can feel pointless, monotonous, and draining. We all need something to remind us that it is good in the world every now and then. That is why it is good to refill your energy with a break and some uplifting news. While we are not claiming that the internet makes everything better, these sweet, happy, and wholesome moments are a great reminder that sometimes, just sometimes, the world doesn't suck.
From the cute interaction of 2 strangers to the inspiring journey of an alcohol addict, the internet is full of content that’s nothing short of endearing. So get ready to smile from cheek to cheek as Emily shines a light on kindness and positivity with a compilation of joyous tales; Enjoy!

#1. Awww.

Source: depressed_jellybear

#2. Deaf and partially blind pup trying to comfort a foster kitty.

Source: Caratteraccio

#3. When Satan is so wholesome.

Source: advik_143

#4. "My best friend and coworkers got me a cake to celebrate my 1,000 days."

Source: Free-Independence-73

#5. Eduardo you are very good person.

Source: nightwing2009

#6. It's good to know a little humanity is still left in this world.

Source: FullInauguration

#7. The safest place.

Source: ResponsibleInvasion

#8. At least he’s flea free too!

Source: kitkatbloo

#9. Yo, dude seems cool as hell. Go jam.

Source: JeannieRyan

#10. Absolutely the best way a suspected suicide call could end.

Source: worldkeeponspinning

#11. Perfect boyfriend doesn't exi...

Source: jojoji69xxx

#12. "A year ago I went into junior year of high school homeless and alone. Then I was taken in by a kind older couple who noticed me sleeping outside their house one night. This is me with them today going into my senior year!"

Source: JollyIllustrator2837

#13. This advertisement with an amputee model:

Source: liolynxo

#14. What do you do if he slaps your mom?

Source: reddit

#15. Wholesome af.

Source: putridCapulin

#16. Olly Smith is a chad.

Source: Potential-Answer-565

#17. You a real one prof

Source: pablogaruda

#18. Duolingo can be good sometimes.

Source: dowhatuwantiq

#19. Rent-a-stalker sure is a unique business model.

Source: zzy0313

#20. When The Weeknd uploaded a fan's drawing as profile photo on Instagam:

Source: G___V

#21. The Housekeeper deserve a raise, they must loved their job.

Source: Ghukkee

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