21 Wholesome And Uplifting Posts To Break Your Doomscroll

Oh boy, are you in for a treat! We've got 21 wholesome and uplifting posts that are guaranteed to break your doomscrolling addiction. We're talking puppies, kittens, and babies doing cute and hilarious things. We've got inspirational quotes and heartwarming stories that will make you believe in the goodness of humanity again. And if that's not enough, we've got memes that are so funny, you'll forget all about the existential dread that's been weighing you down.
So put down your phone, step away from the news cycle, and immerse yourself in some much-needed positivity. We promise you'll feel better after just a few minutes of scrolling through these posts. And who knows? You might even find yourself smiling or, dare we say it, laughing out loud. So go ahead, click on that link and let the healing begin!

#1. Remember the old Turkish man who lost everything in fire but saved his kitten? People bought a new house for him and his three cats. They are so happy now!

Source: Skywalker_1881

#2. "my sister died yesterday. can’t explain how much i appreciate my english prof’s compassion rn"

Source: actualdavidrose

#3. Teacher posted this to parents- so thoughtful!

Source: Superb_Repair4353

#4. "It may not look like much, but I haven’t been able to lift properly in years. This is the start of something big."

Source: benhundben

#5. "The Amazon driver who delivered my package at 6pm on Christmas Eve."

Source: pinkandperjurous

#6. A school in town has a SHARE BIN where students can put unwanted and unopened food, and others who are still hungry can take one item. This reduces waste and ensures all students have access to a full meal.

Source: beaverkc

#7. "Went back to college last week. Been 13 years and am starting from square one. Here goes nothing!"

Source: runningdownhill

#8. "My brother, with Down Syndrome, holding his newborn great niece on Christmas."

Source: Liznobbie

#9. Had an "Adoption Reveal" photo shoot for our newly adopted teen, complete with teenage eye rolls.

Source: Horchaata

#10. Pro wrestler kisses his boyfriend in front of homophobic protestors to “stand up against hate”

Source: reddit

#11. "I’m on call this Christmas, but my dad registered as a “student shadower” so that he could spend part of the holiday with me."

Source: DrRayMD

#12. A man had to give up his dog to the Humane Society during a hospital stay. A nurse found out, adopted the dog, and brings him to visit daily until the man is well enough to go home.

Source: eliistender10

#13. "My uncle didn’t go to school so I am teaching him how to write and he wrote the names of his grandkids for the first time."

Source: kennya_ramos

#14. The hero we need.

Source: nowthatthestuff

#15. Look how happy he is!

Source: nowthatthestuff

#16. "My Dad hasn’t painted in over 30 yrs. Now that he’s retired he decided to pick up a brush again."

Source: Takayda0808

#17. "My 101 year old grandfather threw a 100th birthday party for his best friend, Bob."

Source: Lourdez01

#18. "My brother was the first to graduate with a Master's in my family. My dad couldn't stop crying."

Source: Jay_no_pho

#19. "I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago."

Source: green_teabag_

#20. "My little brother has autism. He turned 17 today. I came home from work to this note."

Source: -TheOnlyOutlier-

#21. Spotted in Manchester, UK:

Source: lizzlenizzlemizzle

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