21 Wacky Photos That Got SOME Explaining To Do

The world is full of unusual things, and there is no better place to showcase them than the Internet. As a result, besides all of the usual stuff we see daily, there is a dark section filled with odd photos lurking on the interwebs. Don't you believe us? Just taking a peak at these wacky photos and 'cause we're sure if these photos don't make you go "WTF?" we don't know what will.
From a guy walking on four with a leash in public to a girl putting an entire fist in her mouth, these are just a few examples of how wacky people can be on the world wide web. And sometimes, even with context, we can't always grasp what's going on in given photos. So, let's buckle up and get ready to dive in because these WTF pics will undoubtedly make you giggle till your stomach hurts or keep you up all night. Enjoy!

#1. Oh, master!

WTF PicsSource: pinterest

#2. Hand soap:

Source: sofequeosci

#3. Who thinks it is a good idea?

WTF PicsSource: etsystatic

#4. This driver's tattoo:

WTF PicsSource: thechive

#5. Me and my beloved:

WTF PicsSource: thechive

#6. Well, they aren't wrong

WTF PicsSource: scontent

#7. I've got chu!

WTF PicsSource: thechive

#8. Daddy of the month:

WTF PicsSource: unknown

#9. Oh.. okay

WTF PicsSource: unknown

#10. Someone is angry

WTF PicsSource: reddit

#11. Deadly granny:

WTF PicsSource: reddit

#12. Well, now that's something you don't see every day:

Source: imgur

#13. She's having too much fun

Source: bulbasaur1995

#14. "Now let's go, show mom, how you love her too"

Source: 9GAG

#15. Me running from my responsibilities:

Source: unknown

#16. Who's gonna tell them?

Source: thechive

#17. I don't care if he has air or ac is on. You left him with Nickelback playing. You monster

Source: YaBoiCrowbar

#18. The only way is up?

Source: reddit

#19. Can I just have the dog, please?

Source: obviousplant_

#20. She’s gonna go places...

Source: reddit

#21. Lastly, this is probably a bad idea Mom...

Source: Marmoe

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